Y7G Begins With A Bang!

Beginning in November, the YMCA has restarted the YMCA 7th Generation program (Y7G) for the 2012-13 season. This awesome program focuses on urban Aboriginal youth and helping these youth make healthy choices in the future by increasing their sense of identity in the present.

Y7G is based on a prophecy given by our respected Elders when contact with the Europeans first occurred.  The Elders stated that negative events were to happen to our people, but it would be 7 generations from that moment in time that the youth and young would rise up and regain their identity and help guide our people through a new age.  The program considers this prophecy and adds the 7th Generation philosophy, which states that the decisions a person makes TODAY must take in to consideration the 7 generations that come after them.

In the program, the participants are given opportunities to discover traditional leadership skills, employment skills, modern life skills, education and study skills, relationship building, and team building.  Mixed in with traditional teachings and practices, arts and identity discoveries, Y7G seeks to create a holistic balance with the curriculum and knowledge that the participants are involved with.  The goal is to help instill an essence of self empowerment as a youth and as an aboriginal person, while embracing the Seven Sacred Teachings of our people and the YMCA Four Core Values.

For more information about the program or how to get involved, please contact Isaac Hill at (403) 537-1719 or through email at ihill@calgary.ymca.ca