Working out in the Summer

Ah, summer time and the livin’ is easy!  Too easy if you let your workouts slide completely!  This can lead to a loss of fitness and make it very difficult to start back up again after your holiday.  It may not always be possible to keep to the exact same workout routine, but with a little pre-planning, you can at least keep a basic level of fitness going so that when you return, it won’t feel like you want to die!

Check out your hotel website – they may have a gym you can use.  Don’t want to take away from family time by spending time alone at the gym?  How about a family walk with challenges like, who can run to the next landmark fastest, who can hop on one leg, who can crab walk the longest/fastest.  Play a fun game of tag.  If you’re lucky enough to be on a vacation by the ocean, how about a game of beach volleyball?  There are many fun ways to be active together as a family.  If you want to keep to a somewhat more formal exercise plan, an elastic “exertube” or thera-band is easy to pack and you can work every muscle in the body using this tool.  Ask our weight floor staff or your group exercise instructor for ideas on using tubing for a workout.  At the very least, plan to walk everywhere possible during your vacation.