With the help of PrarieSky Royalty Ltd., YMCA summer camps were fun and beneficial.

With generous support from PrarieSky Royalty Ltd., our summer student helped YMCA campers build fundamental physical literacy skills.

My name is Seann Mahon. I was hired this summer to help facilitate and promote Physical Literacy in YMCA Calgary summer day camps. I have a degree from the Faculty of Physical Education and Recreation at the University of Alberta and am going into my final year of my Elementary Education degree, with a specialization in Physical Education, at the University of Calgary.

The implementation of Physical Literacy during YMCA summer day camps was met with tremendous success. Through the support of our leadership team we were able to facilitate opportunities to support our counsellors’ growth in their understanding and implementation of Physical Literacy programming. Children participated in fun games that helped them develop fundamental movement skills. These skills, akin to the alphabet of movement, are necessary to help kids build the confidence to participate in a variety of different sports and activities.



We began the summer attending the Super Hero Physical Literacy Training at the University of Calgary. This set us up with a framework and understanding of how we wanted to implement Physical Literacy training for our camp teams. Subsequently our counsellors all received a similar training at YMCA’s Camp Riveredge thanks to the support and expertise of our Youth Director Team. This training helped them to understand the importance of Physical Literacy in child development as well as ways to implement these skills into summer camps in a fun and engaging way.

My summer involved facilitating Physical Literacy training sessions for our camp coordinators and our leadership camps, modelling effective programming to counselors at the beginning of the camps season.  Over the summer, I observed over 100 YMCA counsellors during programming and provided individual coaching to each of them.

In addition to my work with summer camps, I developed a physical literacy based multi-sport program for children ages 9-12.  And re-wrote the existing YMCA Active Y program plan for children ages 6-9 to include a physical literacy.

This was a tremendous opportunity for me to further develop my skills in a field in which I am very passionate. Physical Literacy plays an instrumental part in providing children with the platform and opportunity to participate in games, sports, and activities that will support them in leading happy and healthy lives.

I thank YMCA Calgary and PrairieSky Royalty Ltd. for the opportunity to assist them in their mission to promote and implement Physical Literacy and look forward to recognizing the positive impact they will continue to have on Calgary’s children and youth for many years to come.