With a Little Help from your Y Friends

Are you like me? Do you have a new membership at the Y and aren’t really sure where to start with this whole exercise thing?

Have you tried to exercise but aren’t sure what to do? Have you started going to the gym only to have your motivation fizzle out after a few weeks or a few months? Or is the idea of going to the gym just a little too intimidating?

Research shows only 15 to 20% of exercisers typically maintain an exercise plan long enough to reap any benefits. People tend to lose interest and drop out. That’s why the YMCA offers the Coach Approach FREE to all our adult members.

That’s right – it’s free.

What is Coach Approach exactly?

It’s our way at YMCA Calgary to help you discover and stick to an exercise plan that will help you achieve your goals. The key component – creating a plan you’ll actually enjoy doing!

Coach Approach is designed to help you figure out your short and long term goals, create realistic fitness expectations and increase your mood and energy by helping you find tailored workouts so you will like exercising. If we can make it fun wouldn’t we do it more often?

Coach Approach & Personal Training

In a series of one-on-one meetings with a certified YMCA Wellness Coach you’ll learn how to use the fitness equipment and develop a manageable plan that will fit your needs. Your coach will stick with you in up to 6 sessions over about 6 months to answer your questions, encourage you, and help you become comfortable and productive in the gym. Read about one Y member’s experience with her Wellness Coach and then book your first Coach Approach appointment at Member Services.

Coach Approach is all about establishing and learning how to maintain a habit of exercise.

What if you already have a habit of exercise?

If you’ve already created the habit of exercise and work out a regular 2-3 times a week – good for you!

Is it time to bump it up a notch and get that little bit of help to reach your fitness goals?

Improve your body awareness and technique and get that extra push of motivation by signing up for a Personal Training Program.

Our YMCA Strength and Conditioning staff would love to help you develop or mold your exercise program. Members and non-members who have had a habit of consistent exercise for 6 months or more can sign up for this service at Member Services at any YMCA Calgary branch.

Where to start?

For me, I’ve had the idea that going to the gym could be both fun and beneficial for a while. But it’s intimidating. I don’t know what equipment to use or how much weight to lift or how many reps to do. I have a vague idea of my goals – but I don’t know how to achieve them.

My new membership at YMCA Calgary means I have access to a gym just about anytime I want. My new year’s resolution is to use it. My first step – signing up for Coach Approach.

What are your goals this new year and how are you going to achieve them? If we can, YMCA Calgary wants to help.