Why should you squat?

It is a compound exercise, lot of muscles works when you squat: your legs move the weight, your abs & lower back stabilize it, your arms squeeze the bar, your upper back holds the weight etc. The squat is not just a leg exercise; it’s a full body exercise.

  1. strengthen your legs muscles
  2.  builds muscles
  3.  helps to have a good range of motion for everyday activates
  4.  strengthen your knees to prevent injuries
  5. it helps all sports but also daily activities, no more bending over to pick up an object, you can just squat

The squat is sit down, stand up motion used in everyday functions. Squats primarily recruit the quadriceps muscles to extend the knee joint, but also use the gluts and hamstrings to extend the hip joint. The squat is beneficial for improving and maintaining function and mobility in the knee and hip joint. In the past, some claimed squats cause knee injuries. However, many of the individuals that suffered from knee injuries during the squat had an underlying problem or used improper form. Squatting using proper technique can improve knee stability and prevent knee injuries from occurring.

How to Avoid Injuries:

Make sure you are doing proper technique. Have a professional trainer evaluate your squat, ROM and joint alignments.

Start light, add weight gradually and remember form always comes before weight.

If you lifting weight always squat in a power rack or squat cage. Set the safety pins so they can catch the bar if anything would go wrong.


Stronglifts: Oct 1st, 2007 by Mehdi