Which Healthy habit did you learn from someone else?

What is a healthy habit? It’s a behavior or action which is automatic, characteristic by repetition that is beneficial to one’s physical or mental health. Examples of good healthy habits include a well-balanced healthy diet, regular exercise and proper rest.

Here are a few things to think about:
*Where do you learn the most about healthy habits? Why?
*Which one of your friends or family members have a lot of healthy habits? What are they?
*How long does it take for you to develop a new healthy habit?

Take Action:
*Choose one new healthy habit you would like to become part of your everyday life (keep it simple at first)
*Keep track of how well you are doing (it’s ok to have ’slip-ups’)
*Keep going forward and trying until the habit becomes part of your life.

Here are a few ideas to start:
*Substitute refined sugar for something natural such as stevia, raw cane sugar or honey
*reduce the amount of salt you have in your diet
*try water sauteing instead of using oil
*try alternative to white bread like sprouted wheat
*walk up the stairs instead of taking the elevator

If looking for a fun,supportive community environment while working on your goals check out the courses offered at your nearest branch.


The sky is the limit. Enjoy life, be happy and healthy everyday.