What you should know about Bootcamps

True or false….“I must die” in an outdoor Bootcamp class in order to get fit…

Well firstly, let’s define what the word “die” means to each of us…. All kidding aside, it’s important to research the Bootcamp you are looking to join. What are its goals and what are the instructors like? Will it meet your needs?  It’s like any investment, you need to understand what your personal goals are and what you want to achieve by joining, then pick your experience accordingly.

I say FALSE on the “I must die to get fit” statement and I would also add, you don’t have to be yelled at, belittled or offended by the instructor in order to achieve results, unless that is what you are looking for… A good instructor understands what the class is looking for from the workout and plans accordingly. A good instructor looks at the fitness level of the participants and adjusts to ensure that everyone is challenged but not discouraged by their experience.  They are able to accommodate a number of different fitness levels in the class by offering safe modifications and alternatives for exercises. In order to ensure that participants return week after week, a good instructor also offers a value added component to the workout – that could be a one or any of a number of things, education, motivation, social experiences. Bottom line, they build a relationship with their group.

Most Bootcamp formats are based on interval training, meaning that your heart rate will go up and down in the training zone throughout the workout. Some take that theory even further and employ metabolic conditioning techniques that use really high heart rate training to challenge participants. Some use equipment and others use body weight training.

Outdoor Bootcamps are a great way to get your workouts in an outdoor setting. They allow those that live in climates where summers are short to get outside and enjoy the season! Whether outdoor or indoor, Bootcamps offer that component of socializing, meeting new people and building new relationships. Those who sweat together, hang together! When you’ve made some connections in the class, you are more likely to return week after week.

Once you have researched your class and are ready to participate – what will you need? Dress in cool, movable clothing  and if you are going outdoors, prepare for sudden weather shifts by throwing in a jacket. Appropriate shoes are also vital. Make sure you know how much running you will be doing during the class and choose your shoes accordingly. Hats, sunglasses, sunscreen and bug spray are recommended for outdoor experiences and of course that absolute staple the water bottle to keep hydrated (you might want to look at purchasing a fanny pack or waist belt to carry the bottle with you outside.)

Whether you are looking for that military inspired, high intensity experience or just something different to get fit, Bootcamps are a great way to challenge yourself. Make sure you do your research and find the right one for you!

Check out the Outdoor Bootcamps at the Eau Claire YMCA – start the week of July 8th

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