What Can Someone Expect in a Private Swimming Lesson?

Andrew D


Thanks for joining me Andrew Daw, the Aquatics Supervisor at the Saddletowne YMCA!

What’s the difference between a private swimming lesson and a regular swim class?

The main difference is that we are able to really get to know the individual and it allows us to work one-on- one with them.  We can quickly identify their strengths are and opportunities for improvement. The good thing about a private lessons is that the student is the boss- people can decide what they would most likely focus on and the instructor will be able to follow through with it on a lesson-by-lesson basis.


What can someone expect in a private swim lesson?

Someone can expect a knowledgeable instructor who is able to identify the needs of the individual. Regardless of someone’s swimming ability, people can expect to grow as a swimmer.  People can expect not only instruction for while they are in the class, but we coach our swimmers individually to practice skills outside of the class.  For example, I will always leave people at the end of their lesson with something to work on before their next lesson.   We see more improvement when people are able to practice outside of the lesson as well.


Who would you suggest sign up for a private swim lesson?

There are a few different types of swimmer that could use private swim lessons. First are those who are uncomfortable around water, and feel like they need someone right next to them as they learn to swim. In this type of a lesson we would go over breathing techniques, horizontal body position and kicking technique. These are essential components in developing one’s swimming ability.

Those looking to improve technique, such as people who want to use swimming as a fitness routine, should also sign up. If people aren’t using proper technique they will not get the most of their swim and will not get all the cardiovascular benefits of a good swim.

Children and youth who are uncomfortable in a formal swim lesson will also thrive in private swim lessons. This may be because they are shy or need that extra one-on-one attention. We have had great success building the confidence of children up to the point where they will feel more comfortable in a group lesson with their friends.

I’ve seen children as old as 14 who have done exceptionally well in a private lesson. In a group lesson they may have been placed with younger children due to their swimming experience; in a private swim lesson we can reach their full potential before they move into a regular class with their peers.


How can people register- who should they contact?

People can contact me at 403-537-2726 to book a private swim lesson at the Saddletowne YMCA. You can also e-mail me at Andrew.daw@calgary.ymca.ca.


What would be the best Aquatics-themed costume choice for Halloween?  

Hmm. Ariel [the Little Mermaid -Steve] is always a popular choice.


What would you dress up as if you had to teach a private swim lesson in costume?

I’d probably dress up as Spider Man because I always tell my students when they are doing their back glides that they have to stand on the wall like Spiderman.


Thanks Andrew!