Wednesday Brings You Good Karma

Beginning on Wednesday, May 23rd, Shawnessy YMCA is adding another fantastic drop-in class option for you.
Mid-morning is the busiest time in the branch, and we are now able to offer an alternative to the oh-so-popular Cross-Training class in the studio.

Karma is a gentle yoga/fusion-based stretch class taught by certified instructors.

The practice of Karma Mind/Body classes are designed to increase your flexibility and focus.
Karma will help to revitalize your body and spirit, incorporating the disciplines of proper breathing techniques, stress reduction, and muscular strength.

Karma will be offered 9:15-10:15am in MP2, right across from the library. 
This class is scheduled to run beginning May 23rd until the end of the Spring Session. 
Drop-In class tags are required, and available at member Services upon check-in.