WE Day: Events that inspire a generation to act

Last Wednesday I was given the opportunity to attend one of the most talked about events this year, WE Day Alberta. I’ve always wanted to attend but when WE Day finally made its way to Calgary I no longer was included in the youth category. I decided that my way in was to volunteer.  Having graduated university with a degree in International Studies, global issues have always been my passion and this was a great way to see all the youth who want to get involved.

Speakers ranged from late night TV show host Larry King to Spencer West. All the speakers shared stories related to different issues, bullying, overcoming a disability or ways that they have become involved in their community.

After a truly inspiring day of music, laughter and tears the day ended leaving everyone with the question of what will you do now? Hopefully because of this we will see more youth initiatives, an increase in volunteering and a basic kindness towards others.

This month on November 22 the YMCA Peace Medals event is being held. It honours youth as well as adults for their grassroots initiatives around Calgary. It’s much smaller than WE Day but has the same sort of inspiration. If you’re interested in attending please visit your local YMCA to purchase a ticket.

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