Upcoming ways to get fit!

Happy New Year! Here it is, 2013 already. Time to start ticking off all those great things on the resolution list.

For many folks, getting fit is a high priority at the start of each new year. It can become short lived when the motivation runs out so we are more than happy to provide some opportunities for external motivation to assist you.

Starting next week we will launch our Winter registered programs. We have rolling registration so it’s not too late to sign up now. Here are a couple of awesome ideas to get you into fitness mode:

Interval Blast! This class takes the guess work out of exercise. Your certified personal trainer instructor will lead you through cardio and strength drills until you are happy to see the end of one hour. The class runs Mon/Wed/Fri mornings at 6am so we get you in and out of the gym in time for work or school. Course code is #76874

Cycle TRX: Another great interval style class. You will do strength work on the TRX suspension system and alternate with drills on the Keiser bikes. The class runs on Thursday mornings from 9 to 10am. Course code is #77356

May 2013 be a fit and healthy year for you!