True or False?

Women who strength train will get big, bulky muscles.

False. Women lack the hormones needed to make their muscles big like that of men. Even the biggest of female bodybuilders are smaller than male bodybuilders. Women who have overly large muscles often get them because they lift very heavy weights, exercise for several hours a day, and consume many thousands of calories. Sometimes they are also blessed with muscle fibers that get bigger from strength training. Strength training is something all women should do to improve the quality and quantity of their lives!

An added bonus of weight training is the “after burn” also know how many calories burned post workout.  If you work hard on your cardio, for example run on a treadmill for one hour, your metabolism returns back to “normal” an hour later.  Weight training can take a solid 8 hours for your body to recover and return to normal resulting in a higher metabolism during the day.