Support for Our City During Tragedy

The tragic events in our city earlier this week have shocked and saddened us. Our thoughts go out to all those affected by this loss.

Two of the victims were a part of our YMCA community, we will miss them greatly.

Jordan Segura was a previous staff member in both day camps at Crowfoot YMCA and in Kids Club. He embodied the YMCA mission and core values, provided leadership to young people and greatly contributed to the success of those programs.

Lawrence Hong, a regular user of Eau Claire YMCA, is being mourned by many, including a close family member who has been employed in aquatics at Shawnessy YMCA for a number of years.

Our YMCA family has the families and friends of all those affected by this event in our thoughts. Let’s support them together.


There is help available for anyone feeling the need for care during this difficult time. Multiple organizations are available to provide listening ears and counselling:

The University of Calgary Students’ Union Wellness Centre.
The SU Wellness Centre is located on the third floor of MacEwan Student Centre – the phone number is 403-210-9355 – press option 2 for counselling or email The university says it will continue to ensure members of the university community receive all the support they need.

The Distress Centre
24 hour support and counselling, call 403-266-HELP (403-266-4357).

YYC Counselling Centre
Counsellors trained to help with grief and loss. Call 403-691-5991 to speak with someone.