Toe-tal transformation

OK, I’ll admit it, I only joined the Y because my husband nagged me into it. I was always happy with the wine and whine approach – enjoy a glass and later complain my jeans wouldn’t fit.

So it was quite a revolution when I discovered what all the fuss was about. I found out exercise could actually be fun and to my surprise, and my husband’s shock, I began to enjoy visiting the YMCA.

This transformation was brought about, in no small part, thanks to the welcoming staff and friendly atmosphere at my local branch, Crowfoot. I didn’t feel intimidated in the gym, surrounded by muscle-bound gym-goers who clearly had more gym trips under their belt than I. In just a few short months I had completely changed my attitude to exercise and could be seen at the gym more times than I could be seen in the pub – a life-changing moment for sure! The turning point came when I realized I’d have to have a drawer especially for my gym clothes rather than the single T-shirt and tracksuit which I grudgingly donned every few weeks in times gone by.

So when I broke my little toe a couple of weeks ago I was gutted to be told it could take up to 12 weeks to mend and I had to ‘rest’. The thought horrified me, gone were my plans to run in the Calgary Marathon 10k at the end of May and the start to the spring outdoor field hockey season has been put on hold.

One friend’s first reaction to the news I had broken my toe was to congratulate me on being able to legitimately put my feet up for a couple of months. No-one is more surprised than I to discover I couldn’t disagree more!