Time for Spring Cleaning

It’s a phrase is often used for getting rid of all the clutter accumulated in your house and garage over time but the analogy can also be applied to your fitness program. Just like a house with its windows shut all winter, your fitness program can start to get stale as well. Because your body quickly adapts to new stresses, you might notice that you don’t make gains or losses as quickly as you did in January.

Sound familiar? If so, here are some things to consider.

Spring is a great time to get outside for a run, walk or hike. If you prefer working out at the gym, you can still shake up your routine. Hop on a different machine, change the number of reps and or sets you’re doing or maybe switch up the order in which you do your exercises. If you’re into group fitness classes, check out the gym and pool schedule to see what’s new and pop in for your next visit.

Trying any or all of these tips will clean up your fitness program, keep you on the road to success and help you reach your goals.

Rob Dickson
Program Manager
South Health Campus YMCA