The Worst Diet Advice

Check out this article on the website all about the worst advice you can give someone on a diet — and the best way to respond. (A little YMCA P.S.: It’s not about dieting – it’s about making healthy lifestyle choices!)

“When diet “advice” doesn’t help… What’s the worst thing anyone ever said to you when you were trying to lose weight? That’s the question we put to Health’s Facebook audience, and boy, did we get an earful!

Research backs those responses up. A whopping 66% of women aged 25-55 who have dieted or are trying to lose weight say those closest to them—including spouses and friends—actually undermine their attempts to get slim and healthy, confirms a recent survery by Medi-Weightloss Clinics in Tampa, Fla. Here, the worst things someone can say to you on your weight loss journey—and what your best response should be to stay on course.”

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