You Can Help Make Alberta Better

You Can Help Make Alberta Better!




Today we’re asking you to get behind Make Alberta Better – an important campaign to reduce preventable illness through the creation of a new provincial Wellness Foundation.

Help make Alberta better!

Today far too many Albertans are dying or suffering from preventable disease. These illnesses include cancer, heart disease, diabetes, lung disease, mental illness and other chronic conditions.

Our healthcare finances are nearing the breaking point. Almost half of the provincial budget goes to pay for healthcare.  Yet over 90% of Alberta’s healthcare dollars are spent on chronic illnesses that are largely preventable.

Alberta needs to stop chronic disease before it starts – through the creation of a provincial Wellness Foundation. We need a dedicated, continuing investment in prevention to keep Albertans healthy and to protect our healthcare system.

Ask your MLA to take wellness off the waiting list.
Let your MLA and the government know that you support real action to prevent chronic disease.

Together we can make Alberta better!

Thanks for your support of this important campaign.


YMCA of Northern Alberta