The Stresses of Today’s High-Tech World

Written by Social Media Youth Volunteer, Qiwen Hu.

Have you ever felt stressed out–not just due to having too much work on your hands, but just generally stressed out?

 I’ve personally experienced that feeling quite often and I’ve realized that one of the reasons is that we all live in such a fast paced and busy society. Again, I’m not talking about just work and responsibilities, I’m talking about all our social networking, video streaming and what-have-you sources that feed us so much information daily, a lot of which is – while sometimes entertaining – completely useless. We’re always online, talking to people about completely random things. While communication is great I found that it really helps to just disconnect yourself from everything for a little while.

I love technology and the access it gives us to everything but sometimes you need to let your mind take a break from it. Sometimes it just feels extremely relaxing to go out and take a stroll, and without your phone, just a walk outside with nothing and no one to distract you. Put on some music and let the world fall away for a bit. Its spring and the weather is actually decent outside–which is rare in Calgary–so take the chance to go out for a walk and de-clutter your mind. I guarantee that you’ll feel refreshed afterwards.