The Stars at Camp Chief Hector YMCA

Did you see the crescent Moon beside Venus
shining in the evening sky last night?

At Camp Chief Hector YMCA the night sky is
wonderfully dark, so that stepping out from
the warm lodge, you find yourself under a
glittering dome of stars…and planets.

One benefit of the long nights of winter is the viewing
time to see the stars above us. At this time of year,
I can see planets and stars when I walk my
children to the school bus stop in the morning, as
well as when we head inside for dinner at the end
of the day.

Just before tucking the children in for betime,
we can walk onto the porch and say, “Good-night!” to all of
Venus, the moon, Jupiter and Mars – a fine
gathering! You can see these planets, too: look
for the bright and NOT-sparkling “stars” in the
south half of the sky, with Venus in the west,
Jupiter in the middle and Mars to the east.
These planets will be on view for the next few
months. With standard binoculars you can even
see four moons of Jupiter! Amazing.

For more information, visit the excellent
Canadian websites of either SkyNews or the
Royal Astronomical Society of Canada – Calgary.
Or…come out for a visit to Camp Chief Hector
YMCA and experience the wilderness above you!