The Saddletowne YMCA Hopes You Have a Rootin’ Tootin’ Calgary Stampede

Yee Haw!  Thanks to all of our friends and neighbors who stopped by the Saddletowne YMCA Monday, July 7th to help us celebrate the Calgary Stampede.

Bret "The Taxman" Ross

Bret “The Taxman” Ross


The Outrageous Outlaw O'Briens

The Outrageous Outlaw O’Briens

"Rawhide" Rosy Rayani

“Rawhide” Rosy Rayani

Kelly "Two Gun" Colson

Kelly “Rapid Fire” Colson

Puja "Prairie Fire" Suri, Nada "Danada" Rustom, and Linda "Two Step" Sakyi-Akameah.

Puja “Prairie Fire” Suri, Nada “Danada” Rustom, and Linda “Two Step” Sakyi-Akameah.

Priscilla "Princess of the Prairies" Lee

Priscilla “Princess of the Prairies” Lee

Danijela "No Hat" Latinovic

Danijela “No Hat” Latinovic

Tanya "Two Horn" Connelly, Joseph "Lone Justice" Peralta and Noshy "Night Rider" Karbani.

Tanya “Two Horn” Connelly, Joseph “Lone Justice” Peralta and Noshy “Night Rider” Karbani.

Adam "The Black Hat Advantage" Luciuk

Adam “The Black Hat Advantage” Luciuk

Steve "The Rattlesnake" Elliot

Steve “The Rattlesnake” Elliot

Ixchel "Wildcat" and Kaia "Kickin' Horse" Kjar

Ixchel “Wildcat” and Kaia “Kickin’ Horse” Kjar

Not pictured- Saddletowne’s most wanted, Brigitte “Bad Apple” Edwards.

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