The Making of Resolutions

Written by Social Media Youth Volunteer: Angela Xie

The time now, is one of paradoxical meaning. As we leave behind a finished year, we embrace the new beginning provided by the New Year. Many people make resolutions now; they resolve to utilize the fresh beginning, to change and better themselves, to rise above the failings of the finished year. The making of New Year resolutions is now one of honored tradition, and while it is valuable to seek to improve and strive towards a meaningful goal, this habit has a cost.

The making of resolutions causes us to constantly find faults with the past year and with ourselves. That’s why this year, I took time from my holiday celebrations, and reviewed the past year to find and remember all the moments of success, celebration and joy. I remembered all the good things which has happened to me, all the wonderful memories that so often becomes lost in time. To me, these memories are no less precious than those of my mistakes. They show me that my year has been fulfilling, and more importantly, happy. They allow me to recognize the wondrous worth of the year and to keep those treasured memories for just a while longer. So during this new year, take the time to remember; to remember the wonders of life and to truly enjoy being alive.