The Impact of Volunteering to Our Society

Written by Social Media Youth Volunteer: Yvonne Dutallas

Today, Canada as a country is comparable to a beautiful rainbow with a variety of colors which was blended into a masterpiece. Canada has a very rich and diverse cultural heritage that contributed so much to its nation building and economic development. This unique culture was attributed from the best individual skills, experiences, beliefs and tradition brought along by different immigrants coming from different parts of the world.

However, as gold is subjected to extreme heat to extract the purest of gold, so are the different immigrants being uprooted from their comfort zone, their homeland. Coming to an unfamiliar territory, volunteering is one of the best ways for new immigrants to integrate into society. This is one of the proven channels to harness an individual’s potential that can contribute to a collective action for the betterment of the society.

To volunteer is to give back to the community without expecting anything in return. An example of this is extending help to YMCA, Food Banks, Red Cross, Drop-in Centers and other Non-profit Immigrant Serving Organization. This noble act of getting involved and helping one another has a domino effect to the community at large. It impacted the life of new immigrants as well who tried their best to understand and integrate to the community they live in which was also equally benefited by their services.

Being an immigrant myself, I had a personal experience to relate as a newcomer here in Canada. I tried my best to fit in by mingling with other people with different cultural backgrounds. Luckily, I was so blessed and thankful to have friends who helped me face all the challenges and hardships that a newcomer could ever possibly face. Their guidance and inspiration supported me immensely. I am so proud to say that I do have great mentors in my life right now. Strong-willed, dedicated, great men and women who supported and believe in me keep me up and on my feet and motivate me to pursue my dreams. Today, my mentors are my greatest inspiration to head-on all challenges in my life. Given this privilege that I enjoyed today, I promised myself to pay it forward to other incoming immigrants in the future, thus it would be a domino effect. The act of paying the goodness forward could create a tremendous impact to society.