The countdown begins – International Women’s Day 2014!

Blog entry by Sree Nair, International Committee Volunteer

“Equality for Women is Progress for All.”

International Women’s day is promoted by the United Nations. It is an important day celebrating the social, political, economic and the overall development of women over the past centuries. International Women’s Day, which was started as a socialist political event, blended along the years losing its political flavour and becoming simply an occasion and a celebration. However, the undying theme of the event, to promote the significance of the woman has not been forgotten. In many countries, this day has also been turned into an occasion for men to express their love for their female significant other, or even their mother. While in other countries, the political and human rights theme is still significant as designated by the United Nations and promotes the struggle of women worldwide.

Women have had significant influence towards change on various occasions. From the involvement of women in the French Revolution, Russian Revolution, or even in the recent Orange Revolution, women can be seen as major actors. International Women’s day provides an opportunity for the community to celebrate the contribution of the women in our community and all around the world in various fields of achievement. Women have come a long way of struggle to get to a point where women are considered humans with rights and freedom as a man. However, it is not enough, and there are still much areas to catch up in.

The 2014 Calgary’s International Women’s day is hosted by the Calgary Immigrant Women’s Association and funded by Canada Immigration & Citizenship, eight community organizations in Calgary. The organizations have come together, along with women who have put forth their time to celebrate the event of International Women’s day on March 8th. The organizations are working under the major themes of Learn, Share, and Act. The event is organized to celebrate the work of women in great fields and allow for opportunities with the hope of inspiring others to work towards the change and make a difference in the world that we live in. This year’s event will focus on three core areas that we can make a difference; Poverty, Leadership & Voice, and Violence.

Please join us for the following events to celebrate International Women’s Day:
• Community Fair, Thursday March 6th 2014 from 10:00am-3:00pm (EPCOR Centre’s Jack Singer Concert Hall Foyer)
• Youth-led Family Event, Saturday March 8th from 11:00am-2:00pm (Calgary Public Libraries – Crowfoot, Forest Lawn, Saddletowne, Shawnessy)