The Calgary Flames Foundation is helping create a healthy, positive youth culture.

Calgary Flames Grade 6 YMCA Program – FREE for all Calgary grade 6 students.

YMCA Calgary is proud to be partnering with the Calgary Flames Foundation with a shared vision of creating positive and healthy change for children in Calgary. This partnership allows all Grade 6 students in the city of Calgary to have a free membership and active YMCA youth programming at all YMCA Calgary locations.

The Calgary Flames Grade 6 Membership Program has provided 5, 180 children the chance to learn and grow in a positive and healthy environment over the past two years. Through increasing opportunities for physical activity and engaging in new connections during this critical stage of growth and development, positive behavioral changes can occur for these Grade 6 students that will impact the rest of their lives.

Last year through survey results we heard from our Calgary Flames Grade 6 members, here is what they said: 

  • 94% of participants report they get along well with peers and staff at YMCA
  • 80% of participants feel they know more about healthy living
  • 87% of participants feel more positive about themselves because they can do better than they expected in sports/group activities
  • 84% of participants report feeling more confident in achieving goals they set for themselves
  • 87% of participants report having a better opportunity to get involved in sports/activities they like
  • 86% of participants feel they have become more active

 “Going to the YMCA has taught me lifelong skills about the importance of exercise, which I will use in my life because I know that exercise is more important than computer/video games and exercising with your family, that’s even better.”   ~Calgary Flames Grade 6 Member

 We are grateful to the Calgary Flames Foundation for continuing to make such an important impact in the community.  We appreciate our partnership as we both work towards the goal of improving the health and wellness of children and youth in Calgary.

To learn more about the Calgary Flames Grade 6 YMCA Program, click here.