Teaching Kids to Get Involved

Kudos to Canadian Living for the article entitled: How to teach your children to become involved in their community. This is something we need to care about to build strong, safe and healthy communities.

Teaching kids to be aware of not only their own immediate world, but the community that surrounds them encourages greater caring and appreciation for others, care for the environment, realization that small acts can have massive positive results and more. At the core is caring kids become caring adults–the end result being a friendlier, safer, warmer and kinder world.

“Advances in technology and social networking have changed how we view community. Instead of waving and saying hello to the elderly couple next door, a lot of young people are instead texting their friends about who said what at school that day. They’ve increased communications within their circle of friends, but they’re actually interacting less with the people around them. What’s more, with information on just about everything available at our fingertips, it’s easy to think we don’t need help from anyone these days.”

Read the full article on the Canadian Living Moms website.