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YMAP Youth show their “Never Stop Learning!” attitude as summer begins

YMAP Volunteers

YMAP Volunteers

Did you know!?

That school is not out entirely for the summer? There are many high school students who have chosen to complete another full course during the month of July through either the Calgary Catholic School District, or the partnership between Chinook Learning Services and the Calgary Board of Education.

For newcomer youth to Canada, Summer School provides an opportunity for students to continue growing in their English Language abilities as well as to fulfill the pre-requisites for upcoming courses in the Fall. The YMCA Achievement Program (YMAP; an after-school community program for developing skills and leadership in newcomer youth) ends its fall/winter programs at the end of the school year. What’s unique is that YMAP continues to make an impact on our youth by offering YMAP students to apply for the Summer Explorer’s program.

The program breaks down into 2 parts:

1)    By providing financial assistance as well as weekly support for the duration of their school course, students are able to complete courses that they may not have been able to complete otherwise due to constraints on time during the school year.

2)     For the month of August, students are required to complete a minimum of 20 hours of volunteering throughout Calgary, with various not-for-profit organizations and with community festivals. These hours will be building blocks for youth getting connected to the city, their communities, and other youth who desire to volunteer.

The next 2 months will be filled with accomplishment, growth, and loads of fun as we set out to read textbooks and give back to this city!

YMAP Summer Leaders Update

The second week of the brand new YMAP Summer Leaders program has given the students the opportunity to be engaged and aware of their community. We started the week off with a tour of the Mustard Seed with Bill Nixon, the Director of Public Education. Students toured the facility, and learned about the many obstacles and difficulties individuals can face when dealing with homelessness. The ultimate message was that we cannot judge a person by their stuff, instead we need to listen and have empathy for our neighbors.

With the rest of the week the students have started developing their fundraising projects. Two groups will compete to see who can raise the most for their own charitable organization. One team will be fundraising for the SPCA, the other team will be donating to Woods Homes. Students are developing leadership skills as they work together for a cause that they are passionate about.

If you would like further information about this YMAP program, feel free to contact Justine Bradley – jbradley@calgary.ymca.ca.

RBC Foundation

We are pleased to confirm a gift of $10,000 from RBC Foundation to support our YMCA Calgary’s YMAP Achievers & Leaders summer program. This gift will give the youth who attend YMAP during the school year, the opportunity to continue to work with our leaders and their fellow students on projects throughout the summer – keeping them connecting and feeling like they belong.

RBC is committed to supporting endeavors that empower organizations to make a difference and inspire others. Since 1989, RBC has provided support to YMCA Calgary with funding to-date totaling $358,020. Nationally, RBC has supported the YMCA since 1985 with support totaling over $4.89 million.