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Womens Plus Steam Room

We are currently having mechanical issues with our Eau Claire YMCA Women’s Plus Steam room. Staff attempted to fix it over the weekend, but there are still more repairs needed.

The Women’s Plus steam room is estimated to be reopened by Saturday, October 20th at 7am.

We apologize for the inconvenience.

August 24th Womens Plus Refurbishment Update

August 24th  – Day 33 of the Women’s Plus refurbishments. Work continues to proceed on schedule, despite the flooring delay. I peaked in, under the close supervision of one of the contractors, to take these latest pictures of the refurbishments. There is no access to the tote boxes at this time; there is a high gloss finish on the rubber flooring isn’t ready to be walked on yet. The pictures don’t quite translate how awesome the floor looks. I’m not sure about you, but I’m VERY excited for September 4th.

Womens Plus Tote Access Update

There will be no access to the Eau Claire Womens Plus tote boxes from August 17th till August 27th. New flooring is being installed throughout.

Please drop off your tote box at Member Services by 8am on August 17th if you would like access between Friday August 17 – Monday August 27th.  If you are unable to make it into Eau Claire before tomorrow at 8am please email Nick Wiggins (nwiggins@calgary.ymca.ca) your name, Tote Box # and lock combination # and we will remove and store it for you.

Contact Nick Wiggins with any futher questions 403-781-1651 or nwiggins@calgary.ymca.ca

Eau Claire Womens Plus Refurbishment Update

August 15th  – Day 18 of the Women’s Plus refurbishments. Work continues to proceed on schedule. The walls now have a fresh coat of a cool blue paint and the lighting has been installed. Women’s Plus members still have access to their tote boxes at this time. Thank-you for your patience during construction – it will be well worth it in the end!