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Setting SMART Goals

Setting a SMART goal is more than just something you think is manageable, a SMART goal has defined parameters.  Goal setting is a major piece to the fitness puzzle,  It provides you with direction, motivation, and a vision of what you want to achieve.

SPECIFIC – Set a specific goal, for example instead of saying you want to “run better”, focus on a specific piece of the puzzle.  For example, running for a longer amount of time (45 minutes instead of 30), or running at a quicker pace (move from 5.0 to 6.5 on the treadmill).

MEASURABLE – by setting a specific goal, you have unknowingly set a goal that is measureable.  Staying with the running example, running faster, longer or at an incline are all things that you can track and watch your progress.

ATTAINABLE – Choose a goal that is something you can physically achieve.  I have severe arthritis in my knee, I’d love to be able to do higher box jumps, however I know that this isn’t the goal for me.  Keeping my quads as strong as possible without high impact is something that is attainable for me.

REALISTIC – Realistic and attainable sound like the same thing, I like to look at “attainable” as big picture. Realistic can be a breakdown of mini goals within that large goal.  Small realistic goals are stepping stones to reach that finish line.  For example, adding five minutes to your run every two weeks.

TIMELY – give yourself a realistic timeline to accomplish your goal; setting too quick of a time line can set you up for failure.

Remember that the pieces to this puzzle can be adjusted at any time.  You can add to your goal, adjust your timeline.  Making sure that whatever you adjust is specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and can be completed in a timely manner will ultimately lead you to success.

MEGATHON at the Saddletowne YMCA

Steve & Ginger

Stop by the Saddletowne YMCA today and take part in our MEGATHON fundraising event!  Raise donations by climbing, swimming, walking, running or cycling- all proceeds go to our Strong Kids fund, allowing children from your community to get active, have fun and be healthy at the YMCA!

Donate to Strong Kids today; not all superheroes wear capes!

6 Ways to Make a Family Walk FUN


It’s great for your health.

It’s great for the environment.

It’s great for your family.

Going for a family walk on a Saturday afternoon or on a weeknight after dinner is a great way to secure focused family time. It’s a space to unplug from technology, focus on each other and explore your neighbourhood or even other parts of the city.

6 Ways to Make a Walk Fun

                1 – Races! Who can get to that mailbox first?

                2 – Make up stories about what you see.

                3 – Talk about your day, ask and answer questions about what you see around you.

                4 – How many different ways can you walk?

                5 – Take a picnic with you and search for the perfect picnic spot.

                6 – Pass a Frisbee or ball back and forth as you walk (just not near the street, to be safe)

Share your tips for making walks fun on twitter with #fun2walk

10 Reasons Why I Walk to Work

I walk to work nearly every day. Unless I need my car to go to somewhere during the day for work, like another YMCA Calgary location, I start my day with a jaunt along Calgary’s sidewalks.

People crowd crossing the street in a city

1. Good Exercise

I live about 3.2 km from my office. So, most days, I end up walking just over 6 km. It’s pretty good exercise if I keep to a fairly fast pace.

2. No Traffic Jams or Parking Lots

When I walk to work you don’t have to deal with sitting in a traffic jam, making left turns in the midst of lots of traffic, or driving laps around a parking lot or the block to find a decent parking spot.

3. Free

Walking to work is free! No cost. It’s great. Not only do I not have to pay for parking (which in downtown Calgary costs an arm and a leg), but I also save money by not having to fill up my car with gas very often.

4. Phone Calls

Walking home from work is a great time to make a phone call to my mom or my grandma or even my best friend who lives in Washington State. I don’t feel like I should be doing something else – like when I’m at home in the evening and can see the dishes piling up in the sink and the overflowing dirty laundry hamper the whole time I talk on the phone.

5. It’s Interesting for the Imagination

I’m a people watcher. I find it very interesting to see how people walk, what they are wearing, and who they are walking with. I like to imagine where they are going and what they will be doing when the get there.

6. Stress-relief

Unlike driving or taking transit in rush hour, walking is a great stress-reliever. It’s great to get up in the morning and have an extra 30 minutes to wake up and slowly plan my day without having to control a ton of metal travelling at high speed. It’s also great to have that 30 minutes to digest what happened at work that day and not have to deal with any of it when I get home. If I’ve left the office with a headache, by the time I get home from my walk, the headache is long gone.

7. Thinking time

When I’m driving I have to pay a lot of attention to a lot of other things. When I walk, I can focus almost completely on my thoughts. I can daydream, I can plan my grocery list, I can get totally lost in my thoughts.

8. Music/Podcast

It’s nice to be able to just focus on the music, podcast, or audiobook I’m listening to. Walking on sidewalks is relatively safe and doesn’t require nearly as much of my attention as driving does, so my music, podcast, or audiobook gets it all.

9. Friendship

My husband and I get to walk part way to work together every morning. It’s a great way to start our day with a little bit of chitchat. I’ll often meet up with friends at lunch or after work and it’s handy not to have to worry about a car. We can just walk together to wherever we are going.


Walking is often the best way to see your city. You can see so much more than while driving – and you can stop and stare at a building or a park or a piece of public art for as long as you like. I’ve discovered new shops and restaurants, and while walking I can just pop in and check it out.


Sure, sometimes the weather isn’t any fun for walking – like when it’s pouring rain or blizzarding wet snow, or when it’s minus 27 degrees. But even when I have to bundle up, wear boots and carry my nice shoes and fix my hair when I get to the office, I still think the benefits of walking to work still outweigh the occasional cold cheeks or sore feet.


Winter Photo Walk

Frozen River by Jordan Loehr

The other day my husband and I went for a walk.

It was a sunny, only slightly chilly day. We had spent most of our weekend on the couch being lazy and knew we needed to get some exercise in and take advantage of the nice weather.

So my husband grabbed his camera and off we went to the Bow River Trail.

We walked, we scampered, we slowly meandered. We just enjoyed each other’s company and the unique winter scenery of ice, snow, trees and flowing river.

We stopped often to take photos of trees, of the downtown core in the distance, of the ice and snow.

Have you ever gone on a photo walk? Grab a friend, your significant other, your kids, and a camera and just head out. Start walking down your street or along a pathway nearby and take photos of anything that draws your attention.

Photo walks don’t have schedules or plans. They just capture life. Snow, ice, trees. Smiles, playfulness, footprints.

Go ahead, try it. It’s a fun, free activity to enjoy the company of friends and the beauty of our city.

Kilometres For Kids a big Success!

Yesterday our Crowfoot YMCA Kilometres For Kids walk raised over $200 for the Strong Kids Campaign! We want to send out a huge thank you to all the parents, community members and of course our superstar day campers who made this all possible! Thanks to their generous support more children will have the opportunity to participate in all the YMCA has to offer!

Crowfoot Kilometres For Kids!

Today the Crowfoot YMCA Day Campers will be walking around Arbour Lake in support of the YMCA’s Strong Kids Campaign. Every year 1 in 4 YMCA day campers are able to spend their summer having fun thanks to the generosity of Strong Kids supporters. The Crowfoot day campers, along with their counselors have been raising money all week and today will walk to show support for their fellow

This is a cause that we can all get behind so please feel free to join us at noon or 2:00PM as we walk kilometres for kids!

6th Annual Family Fun Run at Camp Chief Hector YMCA

Save the date!

Our annual Fun Run at Camp Chief Hector YMCA takes place on Sunday, June 2, 2013. Proceeds go to Camp Chief Hector YMCA’s Strong Kids Campaign.

1 km run/walk | 10am
5 km run | 10:20am
10 km run | 10:20am

BBQ lunch is included.

Registration information available soon. Please check back.

Working out in the Summer

Ah, summer time and the livin’ is easy!  Too easy if you let your workouts slide completely!  This can lead to a loss of fitness and make it very difficult to start back up again after your holiday.  It may not always be possible to keep to the exact same workout routine, but with a little pre-planning, you can at least keep a basic level of fitness going so that when you return, it won’t feel like you want to die!

Check out your hotel website – they may have a gym you can use.  Don’t want to take away from family time by spending time alone at the gym?  How about a family walk with challenges like, who can run to the next landmark fastest, who can hop on one leg, who can crab walk the longest/fastest.  Play a fun game of tag.  If you’re lucky enough to be on a vacation by the ocean, how about a game of beach volleyball?  There are many fun ways to be active together as a family.  If you want to keep to a somewhat more formal exercise plan, an elastic “exertube” or thera-band is easy to pack and you can work every muscle in the body using this tool.  Ask our weight floor staff or your group exercise instructor for ideas on using tubing for a workout.  At the very least, plan to walk everywhere possible during your vacation.

Family Fun Run | Camp Chief Hector YMCA | June 3, 2012

Bring the whole family to enjoy our Family Run Run in a beautiful mountain setting followed by a BBQ lunch.

Camp Chief Hector YMCA’s 5th Annual
Family Fun Run
Sunday, June 3, 2012
1k kids run | 10:00am
5k and 10k run | 10:20am
Fees* Adult $35 | Youth (8Y-17Y) $20 | Kids (7Y and under) $5
BBQ only $10

Register: Fax your registration form to 403-237-8085 or email it to cchy@ymcacalgary.org

Call 1-866-430-9622 or visit any YMCA Calgary location for more information.
Proceeds go to YMCA Strong Kids Campaign

*Raise $100 or more in pledges and recieve a partial refund of your entry fee.