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Winter Snowflake Craft for Kids (Recycling!)

Get your kids pumped for winter with this easy and fun snowflake craft you can easily do with items found around the house. Teaches recycling too!

“Winter crafts (for those of us in the Northern hemisphere) sounds good, which means snow, right? How about making some artful snowflakes from cereal boxes and yarn? I like the simplicity of these, but of course you can add a little glitter, some sequins, pipe cleaner details, or just about anything you have in your craft odds and ends box!”

Read the full details and view photos of this winter snowflake craft on the Creative Jewish Mom website.

Upcycle Your Way to Green Living

Simply put, upcycling involves taking what would otherwise be a piece of trash and turning the item into something useful. Old wooden pallets become stunning room dividers, bottles become gorgeous chandeliers, car windshields become a greenhouse, etc.

Condensed orange juice containers and twigs become pretty flower pots.

With a bit of creativity, the most unique and beautiful items can be produced that will leave you friends and family excited to create their own.

Some cool upcycle sites:

• YMCA Calgary Upcycle & Environment Pinterest board

• Get & give free items to upcycle at Freecycle

• Become inspired leafing through Upcycle Magazine