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Setting SMART Goals

Setting a SMART goal is more than just something you think is manageable, a SMART goal has defined parameters.  Goal setting is a major piece to the fitness puzzle,  It provides you with direction, motivation, and a vision of what you want to achieve.

SPECIFIC – Set a specific goal, for example instead of saying you want to “run better”, focus on a specific piece of the puzzle.  For example, running for a longer amount of time (45 minutes instead of 30), or running at a quicker pace (move from 5.0 to 6.5 on the treadmill).

MEASURABLE – by setting a specific goal, you have unknowingly set a goal that is measureable.  Staying with the running example, running faster, longer or at an incline are all things that you can track and watch your progress.

ATTAINABLE – Choose a goal that is something you can physically achieve.  I have severe arthritis in my knee, I’d love to be able to do higher box jumps, however I know that this isn’t the goal for me.  Keeping my quads as strong as possible without high impact is something that is attainable for me.

REALISTIC – Realistic and attainable sound like the same thing, I like to look at “attainable” as big picture. Realistic can be a breakdown of mini goals within that large goal.  Small realistic goals are stepping stones to reach that finish line.  For example, adding five minutes to your run every two weeks.

TIMELY – give yourself a realistic timeline to accomplish your goal; setting too quick of a time line can set you up for failure.

Remember that the pieces to this puzzle can be adjusted at any time.  You can add to your goal, adjust your timeline.  Making sure that whatever you adjust is specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and can be completed in a timely manner will ultimately lead you to success.

Grade 6’s Blew the Roof Off!

AllGymEau Claire was BOOMING this past Friday as our Grade 6’s congregated on the third floor to celebrate the past 10 months we’ve spent together.

What a truly amazing year we’ve had! Between impromptu gaga ball face-offs, nutrition workshops, tournaments, dance parties, Lego sessions, and cooking classes, it seems we have done it all at the YMCA! This past Friday, we got all of our branches together for our Grade 6 Year End Celebration, and it was incredible! Even though we were rained out of our Riveredge site, we still managed to collect a whopping total of 122 grade 6 students under the Eau Claire roof!

After enjoying some pizza and veggies, we split off into groups and participated in a variety of different stations. All our grade sixes got to HarveyStudiotry a little bit of everything; from Lego, to Kin ball and team building, to the first ever YMCA dance-rap-karaoke party!

We even got to meet Harvey the Hound and former Flames defenceman, Rhett Warrener!

The best part was having all of our members come together and experience something new with their fellow branches. All of us were excited to be a part of something so different – and we ensured that everyone in the building knew it! We are the first cohort of Calgary YMCA’s Grade 6 members, Flamesand we made sure to sign this school year off with a bang!

Summer is just around the corner and we are all bustling with the exciting opportunities that await us! To find out more information on what your branch is doing this summer, take a look at our Activity Page or contact your Youth Coordinator!

Thanks again to all of our lovely grade 6 members who have made this year at the YMCA one of our most memorable! And thank you to all of our incredibly dedicated staff and volunteers as well as the Calgary Flames Foundation for Life for making this year happen! Without all of us – staff, members, and supporters alike – this year’s success would not have been possible!

The Saddletowne YMCA Celebrates its 1st Year Anniversary!

On January 7, 2013 the Saddletowne YMCA, located in the Genesis Centre of Community Wellness celebrated one  year of providing programs and services to the communities of North East Calgary.  We would like to thank all those who have been a part of this wonderful year, including our staff and volunteer team that have been instrumental in making our branch a

In recognition of this milestone, we would like to let everyone know that all the partners of the Genesis Centre of Community Wellness will be celebrating one year of operation with a “birthday celebration” that will take place on Sunday January 20th from 10 am until 2 pm.

Please join us for some free activities and birthday cake that will be served throughout the day.

YMCA Loves Celebrating You!

Here at YMCA Calgary we love hearing about the successes of those who have walked through our doors.

The Calgary Herald 2012 list of Compelling Calgarians includes two YMCA Calgary Peace Medal recipients and Kim McConnell, a former member of YMCA Calgary’s Board of Directors.

Check out these inspiring people:

Leading from the front – YMCA awards success

AFTER encouraging their leaders of tomorrow with a new leadership training scheme, directors at YMCA Calgary are also out to recognize staff members who show leadership qualities.

The annual YMCA Calgary Leadership Awards, now in their second year, seek to reward individuals who have shown staff members who impact others with their leadership skills.

The nominations are peer-led, and the winners are unaware of their award until they step up to receive one of three $1,000 awards at the YMCA Staff Longevity Awards on December 7. The award is designated to be spent on a development opportunity, either personally or professionally.

Vice President Human Resources Joan Fanstone said: “It is not based on title, it does not mean because you are a manager you are a leader. The fact that your peers are recognizing you as a leader says something about you as a leader.”

She added acts of leadership would be recognized from every level in the organization rather than those staff members who hold management titles.

The winning trio will be free to spend their award on a development program of their choice.

Joan concluded: “As we continue creating a culture of leadership development, YMCA Calgary is committed to developing and recognizing impactful leaders who demonstrate qualities and perform acts of leadership. The YMCA Calgary Leadership Awards are created to highlight and acknowledge staff who show a willingness to learn and receive feedback, show initiative, exceed expectations and go above and beyond, recognize contributions of others and are respected for personal contributions.  These individuals must exemplify YMCA core values, build relationships among all and foster a sense of teamwork.”

Should you pay your kids for good grades?

Check out this informative article on the Time Healthland website providing information about the pros and cons of paying your kids for getting good grades:

“How to best inspire children to learn and maintain good grades (understanding that the two are not always mutually exclusive) has long been a challenge for parents, even as educational grading systems and methods of teaching change. Research indicates that extrinsic rewards don’t necessarily motivate a child to perform better in school. According to a recent article in the Journal of Educational Psychology, paying kids for grades can work, but only for a small portion of students and then only for a limited time. Unfortunately, the method is most effective for those who are already motivated to achieve.”

Click here to read this article by Suzanna de Baca in full on the Time Healthland website.