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Setting SMART Goals

Setting a SMART goal is more than just something you think is manageable, a SMART goal has defined parameters.  Goal setting is a major piece to the fitness puzzle,  It provides you with direction, motivation, and a vision of what you want to achieve.

SPECIFIC – Set a specific goal, for example instead of saying you want to “run better”, focus on a specific piece of the puzzle.  For example, running for a longer amount of time (45 minutes instead of 30), or running at a quicker pace (move from 5.0 to 6.5 on the treadmill).

MEASURABLE – by setting a specific goal, you have unknowingly set a goal that is measureable.  Staying with the running example, running faster, longer or at an incline are all things that you can track and watch your progress.

ATTAINABLE – Choose a goal that is something you can physically achieve.  I have severe arthritis in my knee, I’d love to be able to do higher box jumps, however I know that this isn’t the goal for me.  Keeping my quads as strong as possible without high impact is something that is attainable for me.

REALISTIC – Realistic and attainable sound like the same thing, I like to look at “attainable” as big picture. Realistic can be a breakdown of mini goals within that large goal.  Small realistic goals are stepping stones to reach that finish line.  For example, adding five minutes to your run every two weeks.

TIMELY – give yourself a realistic timeline to accomplish your goal; setting too quick of a time line can set you up for failure.

Remember that the pieces to this puzzle can be adjusted at any time.  You can add to your goal, adjust your timeline.  Making sure that whatever you adjust is specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and can be completed in a timely manner will ultimately lead you to success.

Tips on Getting Back on Track After the Holidays

Written by Social Media Youth Volunteer, Anne Liao.

The winter holidays have put everyone into a festive mood and most of us have probably found out that transitioning into the new year is difficult. There’s a lot more to do now after the Holidays. Here are some tips to help manage busy lives and to get back on track.

  • Use an agenda or calendar to keep track of obligations and dead lines. The agenda/calendar can be an electronic or physical copy, whichever fits your needs the best. It’ll help with organization and you won’t forget your important dates.
  • Set S.M.A.R.T. goals to help get things done. You may already be familiar with the S.M.A.R.T. goals but for those who don’t know here’s a brief overview.
  • Specific – You are more likely to achieve a specific goal than a general one. You can start by answering who, what, when, where, why and how.
  • Measurable – Make sure there is a measurable way to see if you are progressing towards your goal.
  • Attainable – The goal you set should be reasonable and possible to achieve based on your skills.
  • Realistic – Choose a goal that you are willing to work towards.
  • Timely – Set a time frame for the goal. Avoid “someday”.
  • Set aside a couple minutes each day to exercise. The length can vary depending on your schedule but even 10 – 15 minutes of stretching or running up and down the stairs can help relax your muscles and relieve some stress.
  • Reward yourself. Getting back on track is difficult and if you’ve stayed on top of your workload or achieved a goal then you deserve a reward.