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Water For Wellness

The overall picture of wellness can be daunting, but don’t let that stop you.  Your wellness can be tackled one small change at a time, and a big change for your health that really takes little effort is drinking more water.

Don’t underestimate the wonders that water can do for your health.  Water cleans your dishes, car, and your clothes, and who out there doesn’t appreciate how good you feel after a shower?  When you drink water, you’re doing that for your insides.  Water is a key component in your overall health.  It aids the body by flushing out toxins, regulating body temperature, assisting in  digestion and relieving constipation, as well as aiding in weight loss.

Flushing out Toxins – Water allows the body to remove toxins through sweat and urine.  Water also allows for greater function of the kidneys and even helps to reduce the chance of kidney stones by diluting those toxins.

Regulation of Body Temperature – When you get hot, you sweat.  The sweat evaporates off your skin and leaves you with a more balanced body temperature.

Digestion – Water aids the breakdown of food and promotes regular bowel movements. Allowing our body to become dehydrated forces the body to extract water from the colon, leaving stool harder to pass.  Adequate water consumption stops this process, thus relieving constipation.

Weight Loss – Drinking water in between and before meals makes the stomach feel full, reduces the urge to snack, and limits the amount of food we eat at meal times.  Water is also has no calories in it, and replacing soda and other sugar filled drinks reduces our caloric intake.

Do you Even Lift, Bro? – Lesson Four

Lesson Four: Rockin’ Slippers and a Coffee Mug in the Squat Rack

Some days you don’t get enough sleep. Some days the coffee is simply not strong enough. Some days your alarm clock awakes you with a devious smile spread across its digital face. I get it. Everybody gets it because we have all been there.

In the midst of the morning haze the last thing on your mind is the gym! Ugh! What a thought! How could I possibly run and jump and lift weights and do anything but lay in my bed at this current time! Then there is the spark. I have experienced the spark many times as I tuck myself in to have a lovely nap. Right as you start drifting off to the land of blissful laziness the thought rips you out of bed like a drill sergeant. “What are you doing soldier! This is no time for naps! According to my watch, it is time MOVE, MOVE, MOOVVVEEE! GET TO THE GYM SOLDIER!”

Fueled by adrenaline, you punch the gas of your vehicle or ride the bus with twinkling eyes and a fire in your heart. As you reach the gym, you jog in, scan your id badge and feel like flopping right down on the desk and doing 30 push-ups just to show the staff that this is your time! YOUR TIME! You load up the bench press with 350 pounds even though you only weigh 137, look at it ready to conquer the heft, only to realize you haven’t bench pressed in six and a half years and you are too elite to make poor decisions this morning. No worries! You move to the free weight section and start slingin’ around weights like Yosemite Sam throws around his mustache and cartoon guns on Saturday morning Looney Tunes programming. But as you roll into the 7th minute of your workout, you hear car crashes and sirens and screams of horror in the frontal lobe of your brain. Oh dear. The adrenaline has gone!

Everybody has seen this person and has likely been this person. The bleary, red-eyed lonesome soul sitting on a flat bench with a thousand mile stare. They didn’t have the time to get a sweat on before their brain jumps up and says, “Nope!”

Between yawns and deep sighs of growing angst, they drag themselves from machine to machine, dreading each moment of the work out. Crying silently in their head, they pull the pin from the weight stack, lift exactly zero and a half pounds and re-evaluate their life decisions.

Friends, this is no way to go to the gym. I am big on productivity and engagement and if you know for a fact that you won’t have that level of engagement on certain days, it is alright to have a day off! Remember that! Schedule in time for yourself to go to the gym throughout the week around a realistic schedule. If you have to work super late or have a ton of homework to do late at night on Saturday, maybe a 6 a.m. spin class is not what you need on Sunday. Do not get me wrong though. Don’t put off the gym for weeks because you are busy and tired, because the gym will give you more energy in your week. There is a difference between listening to your body and being just too lazy.

Plan your gym time around realistic goals and ensure that when you go to the gym, you enjoy it and get something out of your time there.

See you on the weight floor.

Written by Chad Baird | BCMM Public Relations Student | Mount Royal University

Stay tuned next week for Lesson Five: Don’t Be Fresh From the Febreze Factory

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Ways to Reenergize Your Day

Feeling a bit worn out? Daily demands piling up leaving your exhausted by the end of the day? Dr. Oz provides some creative ways to boost your energy level throughout the day:

Today, the stress of daily life has millions of people so tired and worn out that they feel they’re about to collapse. Here are five solutions beyond that typical cup of coffee to help you keep going the whole day through…

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Why are you tired all the time?

An article on the Prevention Magazine website talks about hyperparathyroidism and asking your doctor for a calcium blood test to spot this culprit of why some people are so tired all the time:

You eat well, get enough sleep, exercise…and yet you’re still tired all the time. Sound familiar? You could have hyperparathyroidism, says Tom Kurzawinski, consultant pancreatic and endocrine surgeon at the University College London Hospitals, who say that most doctors don’t make the connection between fatigue and hyperparathyroidism.

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Sleep Better Tonight

In a blog posting on MindBodyGreen.com, writer Casey Lorraine Thomas provides 10 Tips to Better Sleep Tonight:

“There is nothing like a restless night of tossing and turning and poor sleep to make you irritable and over sensitive. Not to mention foggy, tired and did I already say cranky? Unfortunately, it is a common occurrence for people today, leaving many sleep deprived and stressed out. The good news is that there are many things to help yourself get a restful night of sleep without turning to sleeping pills…”

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Don’t Forget the Importance of Loving Yourself

Written by Social Media Youth Volunteer, Qiwen Hu.

Many times we forget the importance of self-love and think instead that the key in receiving love lies within others and the world outside us. But remember, we can be happy without seeking acceptance from others because we are capable of providing it to ourselves. Of course self-love is more easily preached than achieved; to that end here are some tips on how to boost your self-esteem.

1. Take care of your body; eat well and sleep well. A lot of the time we don’t realize that our physical health is directly linked to our mental wellbeing. It’s hard to feel confident when your body is tired and ill.

2. Learn to forgive yourself. Remember that everyone makes mistakes so don’t sulk when you do something wrong. Acknowledge that mistake, learn from it, and forgive yourself.

3. Focus on what’s great about you; who you are, what you have and what you do. Don’t always compare yourself to others and focus on what others have that you don’t.

4. List off your positive qualities. This is one of those more silly activities that people tend to scoff at thinking; why would I ever do that? One of the reasons that we feel that way is because participating is like admitting to ourselves that we’re not 100% confident. But no one is 100% confident all the time. So when you’re feeling less than confident, take some time to remember what it is that makes you awesome.

5. Smile; this is one of my personal favourites because it is one of the easiest to do. Scientific research suggests that smiling increases the amount of “happy hormones” in our body. This also helps regulate our sleeping and eating patterns.

Remember no one is perfect and “you’re amazing, just the way you are”.

Lost track of time?

Written by Social Media Youth Volunteer, Jewel Montilla

Christmas break was a whole lot of fun but it is back to school for us again and the biggest difficulty for us teens is transitioning from sleeping in into waking up early and getting back to our study habits. Here are just a few guides to help you out:

  • Turn off the TV or your laptop an hour before you go to bed. The intense light beams aimed at your eyes could be interfering with your sleep patterns.
  • We can’t concentrate on things such as lectures for a long period of time. Eventually, we’ll feel worn out. So while studying, give yourself a break every 20 minutes or so. 
  • Always have snacks while studying! If you let yourself get hungry, you will not be in the right state of mind and won’t be able to concentrate. Fruits are good for your brain because it has sugar in it and it helps you stay awake. Do not rely on coffee too often because after a while, you will end up crashing and fall asleep.
  • Know what kind of a learner you are. Example: If you are a visual learner, you can draw charts, or use hi-lighters to help you out with your notes. (Types of learners: Visual Learners, Auditory Learners, Kinaesthetic Learners, etc.)
  • Some people do better in studying when they listen to music. But there are times when songs mess us up due to the fact that we will eventually start going along and sing the lyrics. Try listening to instrumentals! It’s soothing and helps us focus on what we are doing instead of the lyrics.

5 Ways to Sleep Well at Night

Written by Social Media Youth Volunteer: Sheriza Jiwani

Are you having a hard time waking up in the morning? I know I am. I really miss sleeping in and staying up late. We all have to face the fact; it is time for school again. It is time to get back on the sleeping track.

Tips to get your sleeping schedule back on track:

  1. Refrain from watching TV or using anything with a screen or back-light (iPad, Laptops, Phones, etc.) an hour before you go to bed. It stimulates your brain and may keeps you up for longer.
  2. Read a book or listen to music before you sleep. It helps calm you.
  3. As you fall asleep, your body temperature drops. In order to recreate this feeling, you can take a shower later in the day-the shower warms up your body then slowly cools it down.
  4. If you’re tossing and turning in the middle of the night, get up and do something that will relax you, but as mentioned before, no screens.
  5. Set your clock 10 mins earlier than you need to. When it goes off, you allow yourself to sleep for 10 more minutes making it feel like you get to sleep longer. Be careful though, I find that if I sleep a little bit more after the second alarm goes off, it becomes a habit and believe me, it’s a hard one to break.

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