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Youth & Smoking

Did you know the Health Canada website has an entire section devoted to educating youth on the health risks of tobacco & smoking? It is written in non-judgemental language and includes loads of tips on avoiding picking up the smoking habit and what to do to quit if you already have:

“Too many young Canadians are still tempted by smoking. By giving you the facts about what smoking means to your body, your environment and who’s actually benefiting from the sale of tobacco products, we hope you’ll make an informed decision about lighting up.”

Click here to go to the Youth Zone section of the Health Canada website dealing with young people and smoking.

The Toughest Thing for Teens Isn’t School Work

What is a great source of stress for teens? This article on Globe & Mail online says a lot of teens say it isn’t the work demands of school that weight them down, but peer pressure:

“It’s about the social pressure so many teens feel when they are in school… ‘They’re always judging you. Being there in school; walking down the hall, or sitting in class. Everybody looks at you. They’re always judging. Maybe the kids at my school aren’t any worse than the kids at other schools, but the kids at my school can be pretty mean. Trust me, I know.’ ”

Click here to read the full article by Anthony E. Wolfe on www.theglobeandmail.com.

Teen Peer Pressure & Memory

In this article on AboutKidsHealth.ca, writer Sherene Chen-See talks about research done that shows memory in teens & tweens can be influenced by peer pressure:

“We are all influenced by our peers in some way, and teenagers are especially prone to it. Peer influence can lead to ‘memory conformity,’ meaning it can affect what we remember. A study published in Science recently evaluated how peer opinions can influence memory and the physical changes that occur in the brain when this happens…”

Click here to read the full article on www.aboutkidshealth.ca.

Resisting Peer Pressure

Growing older can be tough, especially when you are out on your own with friends having to make some tricky choices for yourself about your own well-being. Peer pressure can be difficult to resist, be it one-on-one or within a group.

Ever heard of www.thecoolspot.gov? This website has all sorts of info about resisting peer pressure, specifically this page with tips and ideas for what to say/do when the going gets tough.

“If someone is pressuring you to do anything that’s not right or good for you, you have the right to resist. You have the right to say no, the right not to give a reason why, and the right to just walk away from a situation.” (www.thecoolspot.gov)

Helping your Child/Teen Survive Peer Pressure

In this article on About.com, writer Barbara Poncelet talks about peer pressure and how to handle tricky situations. There are lots of tips, advice and links out to other sites on the same & similar issues.

“When your teenager’s friends influence your child’s thoughts or behavior, that is peer pressure. This influence may be verbal, nonverbal or even unconscious on the part of your child’s friends. This pressure can negatively or positively impact on your teen’s behavior. Peer pressure is a powerful influence, one that you need to understand so that you can help protect your child from making harmful decisions done under it’s sway.”

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