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How was your YMCA overnight camp this summer?

Once your camper returns from Camp Chief Hector YMCA, we invite you to complete our online YMCA Overnight Camp survey http://bit.ly/YCampChiefHector15
or click the link from our website https://www.ymcacalgary.org/camps/camp-chief-hector.

The survey should take 5-10 minutes to complete. It is a good opportunity to have a conversation with your child about their time at camp; you may wish to complete the survey together with your camper.

Your feedback will help make camp even better!

Information acquired through this survey is confidential and can be made anonymously. We value your comments and thank you for your time.

Camp Chief Hector YMCA Staff

How AEMA Keeps You Safe

Did you know the Goverment of Alberta has a department dedicated to your safety? The Alberta Emergency Management Agency (AEMA) works to inform and prepare the public should an emergency take place in your home, office, school, public or just about any place you can be:

The primary objective of the public awareness and education programs and services of the Alberta Emergency Management Agency (AEMA) is to create an informed public that knows the steps that should be taken to prevent and respond to a wide range of emergency incidents. These steps are to protect life, property, and the environment, and to promptly notify emergency response services.

Emergency preparedness is everyone’s responsibility. The basic tenet of public awareness and education is to increase their knowledge to enable safe attitudes and behaviours.

Check out what the Province of Alberta is doing to help inform people and keep us all safe by visiting the AEMA website.

You Might be Overfeeding Your Toddler

An insightful article written by a mom (Michele Zip) about how we approach feeding our young ones. Good insight and good tips for moving forward with teaching your family how to eat with a mindful, healthy approach.

“…It seems though that maybe, just maybe, we are overfeeding our kids. Big surprise, right. We are a nation of super-sizing. Maybe our warped minds are just trying to get too much food down our kids’ throats and we need to do some portion control. Yes, that’s exactly it.

Our toddlers and preschoolers still have tiny little bellies. Their stomach is about the same size as their clenched fist. Tiny! So let’s take a look at these guidelines given to us by the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics…”

Read the full article on the Huffington Post Parents Canada website, brought over from The Stir blog.

Is it Wrong for Children to Fear Their Parents?

This one might stir up some controversy… Is it wrong for children to fear their parents? In an article on the Fisher-Price website, writer Kenneth N. Condrell (Ph.D Child Psychologist) explores the issue of disappointing parents & self–to the point that the idea of doing so becomes an actual fear.

“I used to think it was wrong for children to be afraid of their parents. But after giving talks to thousands of parents, I learned that most people grew up having some fear of their parents, and I began to re-think this issue. I do think it is wrong for children to grow up fearing that their parents will hit them or harm them or verbally abuse them if they do something wrong. But many of the parents I have talked to who grew up fearing their own parents didn’t fear being hurt or harmed or abused. They feared letting their parents down. They feared disappointing their parents.”

Read the full article on the Fisher-Price website and then post your comments here. It would be good to hear what you think of this article, topic and have some discussion.

Your Opinion on How to Avoid Embarassing your Teen?

What do you think about this article on the India Parenting website on how to avoid embarassing your teenager? Is it being hyper-sensitive or are the words helpful to you as a parent?

“All good things come to an end and our cute little child eventually grows up one day into a teen. It is important, as parents, to understand the changes that our child goes through at this age. It becomes necessary to ensure that our actions as parents do not embarrass our teen. If you constantly embarrass your teen in front of others, you could find that you have a hostile teen on your hand.”

Read the article in full and let us know what you think!

What Youth Can Learn from the Financial Crisis

Check out this article by David Paltin, Child Pyschiatrist, on the Child Development Institute website all about teaching children & teens about finances and using the recession to explain key concepts on budgeting:

“The statistics on the problem are staggering — 1 in 3 high school teens use a credit card, the average debt of an entering college freshman is $1,585. According to the 2010 Junior Achievement and Allstate Foundation survey of teen finance, 42 percent of teens who do not budget their money do not want to learn about budgeting, while 74 percent of teens say they will have a credit card by the time they enter college. Can we assume that our kids have learned anything from the recession and economic crisis, or have we missed one of the most ”teachable moments” of their lives?”

Read the full article on the Child Development Institute website.

Last Minute Costumes

Has your kid been invited to a Halloween party at the last minute? Grape juice spilled all over that perfectly white angel outfit?

Have no fear! There are many last minute costumes to be easily whipped up at home! Here are links to some websites with lists of last minute costume ideas:

Dealing with a Toddler & Other Parenting Advice

Have you checked out the website for the Hospital for Sick Kids lately? Not only is it loaded with great medical information, there is also a lot of helpful advice about parenting and general life events that surround most families. Here’s an example… A parent wrote in to one of the doctors for a bit of advice:

“My 23-month-old was a well-behaved little toddler until she went to daycare. Now she is whining like there is no tomorrow. She never did this until attending there. What do you do to stop it? I told her it’s not nice to whine and mommy doesn’t like it, but she insists on doing it now. She is also hitting and never did that before going to daycare either. Can these bad habits be broken or do I have to remove her from there and hope she forgets what she has seen? Please help!”

Click here to read the response and to view other postings on the Hospital for Sick Kids website.

Teenagers are amazing!

Check out this blog on why teenagers are amazing!

“I’m tired of teenagers getting the bad rap. My Hannah turned sixteen yesterday, she’s right in the middle of the teenage years, and I think she’s awesome. Amazing. I love her for where she is right now and for who she’s growing into being…”

Click here to read this really nice, really positive, really caring blog in full.

Should you pay your kids for good grades?

Check out this informative article on the Time Healthland website providing information about the pros and cons of paying your kids for getting good grades:

“How to best inspire children to learn and maintain good grades (understanding that the two are not always mutually exclusive) has long been a challenge for parents, even as educational grading systems and methods of teaching change. Research indicates that extrinsic rewards don’t necessarily motivate a child to perform better in school. According to a recent article in the Journal of Educational Psychology, paying kids for grades can work, but only for a small portion of students and then only for a limited time. Unfortunately, the method is most effective for those who are already motivated to achieve.”

Click here to read this article by Suzanna de Baca in full on the Time Healthland website.