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Grade 6 Event! Olympics!

Grade 6 Olympics!


Saturday, February 28, 2015 from 3:00 pm – 4:45 pm


At Crowfoot YMCA! Meet us in the Gym. Pick up will be at 4:45 pm in Multipurpose Room #3!


An Olympics-themed event for Grade 6 members. We will have opening ceremonies, fun Olympic games, closing ceremonies, and an after-party!


Register for FREE at the Front Desk! Bar code #102426

Olympian Visits the Saddletowne YMCA

The Saddletowne YMCA located in NE Calgary, is please to let people know that Carla MacLeod, Olympic Gold Medal Winner in Women’s Ice Hockey, will be joining us to celebrate the kick-off to our YMCA Strong Kids campaign.   Carla will be at the
Saddletowne branch from noon until 2:45 pm on Monday March 4th.
Please feel free to drop by and meet Carla.


Olympians Live Longer

Turns out hard work training and watching what you eat really does pay off. Two recent studies show Olympians outlive the rest of us, though the color of their winning medal makes no difference:

Both studies, published in the BMJ, confirm the fact that the best athletes in the world are indeed among the healthiest as well, thanks to their rigorous training regimens. And now it seems that fitness translates into a survival advantage as well.

The first study looked at the life expectancy of 15,174 Olympians from the top medal-earning countries including the U.S., Germany, Nordic nations, Russia, United Kingdom, France, Italy, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. The athletes all received at least…”

Read the full article by A. Sifferlin on the Time Healthland website.

CDN Paralympic Team: Recruits Wanted!

Posted on the CTV Olympics website, this article from The Canadian Press talks about the Canadian Paralympic Committee’s quest to find more team members to up Canada’s chances of securing a medal at future Paralympics.

“Going on the theory that the wider the base, the higher the top of the pyramid, Canada needs more people with a disability to get involved in sport. Canada slipped from third in gold medals won at the 2000 and 2004 Summer Paralympics to seventh in 2008. The Canadian team’s objective in 2012 to finish in the top eight.

Recruiting amputees and the visually impaired, as well people with spinal cord injuries, cerebral palsy and muscular dystrophy is a priority of the Canadian Paralympic Committee.”

Click here to read the article in full on the CTV Olympics website.

Monday, August 6th Civic Holiday

The August long weekend, or the August Civic holiday is a Stat holiday recognized by most Canadian Provinces. It is always recognized on the first Monday in August. This year it is August 6.

Eau Claire YMCA’s August 6th Holiday Hours are as follows:

Pool:                   7:00am – 6:30pm
3rd Floor:          7:00am – 6:30pm
4th Floor:          7:00am – 6:30pm
Change Rooms: 7:00am – 7:00pm
Babysitting:      9:00am – 1:00pm
Licious Living: CLOSED

Remember that the Olympics will be showing in Studio A/B for the majority of the day, if you’d like to come and watch, you’re welcome to join us!

Summer Series #5: 2012 Olympics in London

Written by Social Media Youth Volunteer: Sheriza Jiwani

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I’ve got to say, I just love the Olympics. There is such a positive vibe around them and I feel like we are all united in Canada. It is so inspiring that countries from around the world can come together and take part in this amazing event. The Olympics showcases the talents of a variety of sports that do not always get the most attention from the media. Some Olympic sports like handball and basketball are offered at YMCA Calgary, so you can also play these sports in a friendly environment.

The first recorded Olympics was in 776 BCE, although it is believed that they have been going on for even longer. According to mythology, Heracles, (the Roman Hercules) founded the Olympic games. For the next 1200 years, these games would take place every fourth year. During the Roman Empire, an emperor decided to get rid of the Olympics because of its pagan influences. It wasn’t until approximately 1500 years later that the Olympics were brought back; after studying German, British and American Students, a French aristocrat decided that a well-rounded person had sports in their life. After much convincing he created a sports organization, and so came the revival of the Olympic Games.

I look forward to cheering the athletes on and participating in the international community encouraging on the teams. The opening ceremonies were phenomenal and so far, all the athletes have been performing really well.

Go Canada, Go!

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