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Movies Can Inspire Movement

Children smiling

Have you seen the new Disney animated movie Frozen? I loved it! And when I saw Active For Life’s blog post on it I was so excited I had to share.

Their blog post, titled “7 ways ‘Frozen’ can inspire kids to move” gives a collection of ways that you can play with your kids while talking about their new favourite movie.

The Little Mermaid and Finding Nemo can inspire swimming.

Beauty and the Beast can inspire dancing.

Toy Story can inspire imagination and games like hide and seek.

How the Grinch Stole Christmas can inspire sledding.

The Incredibles can inspire running and jumping.

Ratatouille can inspire help preparing meals.

Cars and Cars 2 can inspire running and pretending to be like race cars.

Dora the Explorer can inspire hiking through the neighbourhood or the nearest park.

What are your kids’ favourite movies? How can you use them to inspire movement, imagination and play?