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Active Exercise Recovery

You train hard and recovery is an important part of that program.  Recovery is important for many reasons.  Recovery allows the body time to adapt to a workout program.  It allows time for the body to repair tissue that has been damaged working out as well as replenishing depleted energy stores.  It also allows the body the rest required to keep from over training and eventually burning out.

Active recovery really means a day off – from your program.  That means that you take a day to live your life actively or doing a workout that is less intense.  This could be walking the dog, enjoying a yoga class, going for a swim or bike ride, hiking, stretching, or even grabbing a foam roller for some much needed self-myofascial release (SMR).

Rest and relaxation refers to the down time away from training altogether, allowing the body the needed time to do those tissue repairs, strengthen, and replenish.


2 Step Program to Weight Loss and Increased Fitness

Hello everybody! It has been a while since I have written due to a bit of craziness at University. Long nights and early mornings and wading through endless emails and assignments forced my writing pen away from me! But hark! I have some more time, so I thought I would give you some more fitness advice to further fulfill my ultimate objective: to make you a better you through fitness.

get active

I have found the key to weight loss and increased fitness. I promise if you implement my advice, you will see results. Alright…Are you ready for the magic formula?

Chad Baird’s 2-step guide to weight loss and fitness

1. Eat Healthy

2. Workout

Are you disappointed? Did you think that I was going to offer you some quick fix to have you looking like the Hulk in a matter of days? Unfortunately, it is not that simple nor will that quick fix ever exist.

Oprah Winfrey said, “There is no easy way out. If there was, I would have bought it. The big secret in life is that there is no big secret. Whatever your goal, you can get there if you are willing to work.”

I absolutely love this quote for a variety of reasons. Oprah has immense wealth, resources and contacts. If there is ANYONE on the planet who could find a quick fix for fitness, it would be her. However, that fast-track fitness diet has yet to surface. The magic beans to grow the health benefit beanstalk are yet to be found.

Hard work and dedication are the keys to success, not some pill or program. Have you ever read the fine print for diet pills and quick-fix workout programs? I have taken the time to scan through these documents and one line of fine print on an advertisement particularly grabbed my attention. The focus group who took the diet pill collective lost 2.4 more pounds than the focus groups that did not. 2.4 pounds! Society is spending billions of dollars annually for 2.4 pounds!  You and I can lose 2.4 pounds in one spin class or by eating great salads for a few days. These programs are not the solution.

Another humorous ad I found was on the front of a magazine in a grocery store I was recently at. I kid you not, the ad proudly proclaimed, “Lose 30 pounds eating nothing but cake!”

You know what won’t help you lose 30 pounds? Cake. You know what will help you lose 30 pounds? Eating healthy and working out.

Health is not a destination, it is a journey. To reach your fitness goals you do not need to consume some pill filled with chemicals you can’t pronounce or go on the latest diet fad that won’t help you in the slightest. Being healthy is about a lifestyle choice. Health is about you consciously deciding that YOU are a priority.

Eat lots of salad and lots of colors on your plate. Sweat multiple times a week. Do something active that you actually like to do.

There is no magic program. There is no fitness fairy dust. The cake-palooza plan is not your best action plan.

Eat healthy. Workout. See results. Period.






Summer Program Registration

It’ll be here before you know it; your YMCA’s summer programming begins on Tuesday July 2nd, 2013. 

Summer program registration is ongoing for YMCA members.  If you aren’t a YMCA member (yet!), summer registration begins on Monday, June 3rd at 5:30am.  We’ll see you bright and early!

Staying Motivated – Tip #6

Recognize and Avoid the dreaded “Slump”.
Learning to recognize when old habits are creeping back in and nip-it-in-the-bud!  Remember how hard it was to set those new habits? Don’t start over, keep the momentum going!

Staying Motivated – Tip #6

Recognize and Avoid the dreaded “Slump”.
Learning to recognize when old habits are creeping back in and nip-it-in-the-bud!  Remember how hard it was to set those new habits? Don’t start over, keep the momentum going!

Staying Motivated – Tip #5

Reward Yourself.
Put those holiday gift-cards to good use.  Reward yourself with one every time you reach a milestone or goal in your program.

Ideas you may be able to put into practice:
– # of days active
– miles/kilometers run
– inches or pounds lost
– # of healthy food choices
– laps swam/speed

Staying Motivated – Tip #3

One Step At A Time.
Making a lot of changes all at once can be overwhelming.  Start with one simple change; when you master it or it becomes a part of your everyday lifestyle add another.  The trick is to allow yourself to feel successful rather than deprived.

MEND – A FREE Healthy Lifestyle Program for Children aged 2-4

Are you a parent with a child aged between 2 and 4 years?

Join us for 10 FREE sessions of fun games and information to help you and your child lead a healthier lifestyle.

– Spend time playing with your child and learn new games.

– Take part in a parent discussion while your child plays.

– Learn fun ways to introduce new foods and add variety.

– Learn how to read and understand food labels and ingredients.

– Learn how to deal with challenging behaviours.

– Meet other parents and families in your area and make new friends.

This free program is running in conjunction with Alberta Health Services and begins in January at the Crowfoot YMCA. Please contact Desiree Parcero for more information (403) 801-5165 or email at dparcero@calgary.ymca.ca

I Know I Should, but…

Here’s an article on the Time Healthland website about taking action for positive change in your life / getting unstuck from your rut (and sometimes those changes can be life-saving):

“There’s a deep-freeze of sorts for all good intentions — a place that you store your plans to make changes in your life when you know you’re not going to make them at all. There’s no way of knowing for sure which of your plans are destined for cryo-preservation, but when you utter the words “I know I should,” it’s a pretty good bet that you’ve found one. “I know I should lose weight” too often means you won’t. “I know I should quit smoking” is what you say right before you light up. “I know I should work out more or leave a bad marriage or get out of this lousy job,” are far too often followed by the word, “but.” …

And that’s generally the end of it.”

Click here to read the full article by Jeffrey Kluger on the Time Healthland website.

Measuring Your Level of Fitness

On the Everyday Health website, writer Heidi Tyline King takes a look at what factors contribute to your level of fitness and how to measure how you are doing with your personal fitness:

Evaluating your fitness level is not a one-size-fits-all process. Differences in lifestyle, muscle tissue, genetic makeup, and overall health all help determine your personal fitness level.

“It is an individual measurement that is not always dependent on how much physical activity you do,” notes Jim Pivarnik, PhD, president of the American College of Sports Medicine and director of the Center for Physical Activity and Health at Michigan State University in East Lansing.

Click here to read the full post on www.everydayhealth.com.