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Wanting to apply for Camp Chief Hector’s Leaders-in-Training (LIT)/Sac Dene programs?

Are you adventuresome? Do you love camping, canoeing, hiking, team-building and team-bonding, challenging yourself, and mentoring young campers?

Consider participating in the next Leaders in Training (LIT)/ Sac Dene 2018 adventure!

Join us at the Leaders-in-Training/Sac Dene information session on WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 15, 7:00- 8:30 pm at the Gray Family Eau Claire YMCA located at 101 3 St SW.

This info session will include a presentation from the 2017 Sac Dene participants and information about the 2018 application process.

Not for you?  No problem. You probably know someone who would be interested. Feel free to share this information.

Questions? Contact us.
P: 403-269-6156 or 1-866-430-9622
E: cchy@ymcacalgary.org

Space still available for overnight camps at Camp Chief Hector YMCA

As of May 27, the following camps still  have room:


10Y Mistaya 13-day | Traditional | Jul 5-17

10Y Mistaya 13-day | Mountain Bike | Jul 19-31 & Aug 2-14

11Y Mistaya 13-day | Trip to Gray Jay | Jul 5-17 & Jul 19-31

16Y Leadership 1 27-days | Hike/Horse | Jul 5-31 & Aug 2-28

17Y Leadership in Training | Jul 23 – Aug 14 | Application


10Y Mistaya 13-day | Mountain Bike | Jul 5-17

10Y Mistaya 13-day | Traditional | Aug 2-14

13Y Kananaskin 13-day | Canoe | Aug 16-28

13Y Kananaskin 13-day | Hike | Aug 2-14 & Aug 16-28

13Y Kananaskin 13-day | Horse | Aug 16-28

14Y Pioneer 13-day | Hike (Mainsite) | Aug 2-14

15Y Pioneer 13-day | Hike (Gray Jay site) | Jul 5-17 & Aug 2-14

15Y Pioneer 13-day | Hike/Horse (Gray Jay site) | Aug 16-28

16Y Leadership 1 27-days | Canoe/Hike | Aug 2-28

16Y Leadership 1 27-days | Hike/Horse | Jul 5-31 & Aug 2-28

17Y Leadership in Training | Jul 23 – Aug 14 | Application


Read about all of our Summer Camps at our website. Did you know that we offer weekend programs, site rentals, weddings and more?

CONTACT US: 403-269-6156 or toll free 1-866-430-9622.

As with all YMCA Calgary programs, financial assistance is available through our Strong Kids Campaign to those who qualify.

An LIT Invite

teens jumping

Current Leaders In Training would like to welcome any grade 7, 8 and 9 students to come to the Downtown Eau Claire YMCA and take part in the LIT program.

This is a chance to be a part of a young community and build understanding about yourself and others. We also get to give back to our Y community by volunteering in programs and at events. We are currently planning a bake sale to raise money for our charity Strong Kids and also looking forward to volunteering at the Eau Claire 10K and Family Fun Run on May 3, 2014.

We hope you can come join us on Wednesday nights from 6:30pm until 8:00pm.

We look forward to seeing you,
From the Eau Claire LIT crew


Register FREE at Eau Claire using barcode number: 85372


The Leaders in Training Program
Youth in Grades 7 to 9 learn about community service, philanthropy, volunteerism and health and wellness as they plan and implement projects to help their communities. Here youth get a chance to develop leadership skills and belong to a group of other positive, like-minded young people. There is no fee to participate in this program. Each YMCA Health & Wellness location offers this program; contact the location nearest you for details.

Shining A Bright YMCA Spotlight On Youth

YMCA associations across the globe are known for their youth and family programming, but do you know everything that we do for youth right here in Calgary?

YMCA Calgary has 5 Health/Fitness/Recreation locations as well as school and community locations to serve the youth with opportunities right in your community. There is a wide variety of youth opportunities that we offer, both free of charge to members and some at an additional cost. Listed below are just a few amazing youth opportunities offered by YMCA Calgary.

Volunteering – Youth can get involved in their YMCA community by applying to volunteer! Taking ownership and pride in their YMCA, youth are accepted for a variety of positions that include clerical, sports programming, and membership services. Volunteer application acceptance is ongoing; we love to see youth getting involved in our YMCA communities.

Leadership – Leadership skills are sharpened in YMCA Leaders, and Leaders In Training programming  Youth leadership programs give youth the opportunity to step up and leard to create change in themselves and our community.

Steve Nash Basketball – An association-wide program, taking place at Crowfoot, Eau Claire, Saddletowne, and Shawnessy locations. Open to ages 6-13yrs, Steve Nash Basketball is a national youth basketball program designed to develop fundamental skills, sportsmanship and a love of the game for basketball among Canadian youth.

Active Y Kids – Offers youth a chance to improve and sustain a healthy lifestyle. Designed to improve overall health, Active Y Kids incorporates cardiovascular and muscular conditioning activities, nutrition sessions, and self-development education.

Skip Time – Offered exclusively at Crowfoot YMCA in the NW, Skip Time boasts high energy games, double dutch skipping, partner skipping and individual tricks are used to teach focused jump rope skills, coordination, power, rhythm, fitness development and teamwork. Open to ages 6-16yrs.

Bugaboos Climbing – Introducing youth to the fundamentals of wall climbing. Along with basic climbing skills, Bugaboos (6-8yrs) will learn an understanding of the importance of trust and communication as they develop mental focus and improve muscular endurance and body awareness. Bugaboos can be found on climbing walls at Saddletowne, South Health Campus, and Shawnessy locations.

Parkour – Offered exclusively at Eau Claire YMCA in the heart of Calgary’s downtown, Parkour is all about moving efficiently and effectively. Parkour get youth moving, utilizing movements such as rolls, vaults and climbing in combination with free running; freestyle gymnastics and Martial Arts to navigate through any environment.

Junior Lifeguard Club – Introduces you to lifesaving techniques and first aid skills. Youth will gain experience in accident prevention and dealing with the public. Participants must be aged 10-15yrs, and able to swim 50 metres and tread water for one minute.

For more information on these and other YMCA Youth programming, please contact your closest YMCA branch.