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Bridal Bootcamp for Couples

Do you know anyone getting married in the summer that would like that extra push?

Eau Claire YMCA Fitness Director Cathi Molson is starting a Bridal Bootcamp for 10 couples staring Monday, May 19 at 5:30pm.

Monday nights 5:30-6:30pm

May 19-June 23  (6 weeks)
Register with course code 93269

June 30-Aug 4 (6 weeks)
Register with course code 93270

Get Fit Together! Perfect for couples who are planning to get married and want to begin the path to a healthy lifestyle.

Cost (per person): YMCA Members $60.00 | Non-members $72.00

couples exercising together

Exercise Class Try Outs #2: The Worx

I’ve decided to do something a little bit out of my comfort zone – Try out different fitness classes offered at YMCA Calgary locations.

I will document my experience in each new class here on the YMCA Calgary blog.

The Worx

I decided to try this group fitness class simply because I walked past it one day and it looked like fun. The class is described as:

Total body conditioning class combining circuit training, cardio & strength intervals, and agility drills; this class also focuses on core stabilization and balance.

It was fun! I’m sure I’ll be sore tomorrow, but a good sore I assure you.

The Worx is a large group fitness class where you simply follow what the instructor does. Cathi at Eau Claire called out instructions and encouragement as we did some cardio and free weights.

We had music going as we stepped and squatted at our steppers, and did bicep curls, punches, shoulder presses, and tricep dips with free weights.

It was energetic and tiring. Lots of reps and constant movement make for an all-around whole body workout.

As a first-timer I was a little scared, but it was easy to follow along and Cathi gave us lots of little breaks to rest our muscles and get a sip of water. She also demonstrated variations of the movements for those wanting the easier version or the tougher one.

The Worx was definitely a little bit of everything. I’m glad I went…we’ll see how glad my muscles are tomorrow.

Fitness class

New Karma Yoga Class

Group yoga class

A new Karma Yoga class begins at Eau Claire YMCA on Thursday, March 6, 2014. This drop-in class will run from 12:50-1:30 in Studio C/D.

Karma yoga is a gentle, yoga-based class. It revitalizes body & spirit by blending practices of breathing techniques, stress reduction, flexibility and muscular strength.

Yoga classes at YMCA Calgary locations are taught by certified yoga instructors. This class is suitable for beginners.

Go ahead – get your yogi on!

My Coach Approach Journey #2

Gym equiptment

The Coach Approach

It’s a free program offered at the YMCA for people who have not, in the past, been consistent exercisers. I’m one of those people. This is a record of my Coach Approach Journey.

If you haven’t read it – read My Coach Approach Journey #1 here.

Appointment #2…

A couple of weeks ago I had my second Coach Approach appointment with my wellness coach Daryl. We talked about how I had been doing with my exercise – what had I done, what had I enjoyed and what had I disliked. We set some short term goals to help me meet the long term goals we set in my first appointment.

Long Term Goal

Short Term Goals

Increase Flexibility
  • Stretch after workouts
  • Stretch everyday
Increase Strength
  • Exercise 3X/week
  • Fitlinxx Workout
Increase Stamina
  • Cardio 2X/week
  • Boost intensity
  • Walk as much as possible

I signed an agreement with Daryl that I would do my best to maintain this program of exercise until our next meeting in mid-March.

The FitLinxx set-up…

Daryl set me up on a collection of the FitLinxx machines. He showed me how to adjust the seats and such to find the correct fit for me, showed me how to use each machine, checked my technique, and suggested the number of reps I should do.

Barriers to exercise…

Daryl and I also talked about what barriers may be stopping me from exercising and how to overcome them.

Barrier 1: To exercise, I have to stop doing something more enjoyable
Overcome it: Reschedule my workout or work out at home

Barrier 2: I get bored when I’m exercising
Overcome it: Find a workout buddy (my husband?), bring an audio book to listen to

Barrier 3: I don’t like the exercise activity I am doing
Overcome it: Try something new – a group fitness class or swimming

My progress…

I’ll be honest with you, I’m having a hard time sticking to the agreement my wellness coach and I made. The barriers are doing their job right now…

I’m a lazy person, I’ve realized, and motivating myself to go exercise is difficult. I like sitting and reading, or just going home as soon as I’m done work. I find the bike and the elliptical boring, and the weight floor still intimidates me a little bit. More often than not, I’d rather just go do something else, anything else, other than exercise.

I’ve managed to get in an average of one workout a week. That’s a long way from my agreement with Daryl, but at least I’ve got one in.

I’m going to keep talking positively to myself to get motivated rather than discouraged about it. I’m also going to try a few more fitness classes and see if I can find something I like. Check back for my experiences in different fitness classes, I’ll let you know how they go!


If you’re interested in having a wellness appointment or participating in Coach Approach, sign up at member services at your YMCA Calgary location.

Exercise Class Try Outs #1: Yoga

I’ve decided to do something a little bit out of my comfort zone – Try out different fitness classes offered at YMCA Calgary locations.

I will document my experience in each new class here on the YMCA Calgary blog.

Group yoga class

Yoga – Passive

I was invited to participate in a lunchtime yoga class. The program guide describes it as:

Tune in to your true self and find peace and belonging within. This yoga class will guide you through slow poses, breath work and meditation in a serene atmosphere intended to create calm, restore energy and promote healing in mind, body and spirit.

I was a little hesitant. I’ve never taken a real yoga class before. I’ve done yoga at home with friends following a video, I’ve done yoga-like classes at the dance studio I danced at when I was younger, but never a real yoga class.

Thankfully, my coworkers who invited me to come along were very welcoming and even set out a mat for me while I changed.

The instructor was very welcoming, came over and introduced herself. The other participants in the class smiled or said hello, or just focused on their breathing and relaxation while lying on their mats waiting for the class to start.

Yoga-passive is a slow moving class focused on breathing. I found it easy to follow along. The instructor demonstrated each pose or movement while describing it in a soft voice. I felt both relaxed and invigorated during this class. I felt like I got a workout but didn’t feel tired like I had just gone running or weightlifting.

Some of the poses were easy for me. Others were more difficult. But looking around the room I did not feel out of place – everyone else was good at some poses and not so good at others.

I’ll be honest though – yoga, even passive yoga – is still a workout.

I was sore for a couple of days after this class. The workout comes from moving and lifting your bodyweight in poses like downward dog.

I think I’ll continue with yoga – I like that it is a stress-reliever, a relaxation, and a workout all at the same time.

Check out this infographic to find out more about the benefits of yoga.

Calling all Eau Claire YMCA Volunteer Instructor Alumni

Hey are you an Eau Claire YMCA Volunteer instructor alumni?

Please join us – Wednesday September 25th for our 25th Anniversary 80’s workout – 12:05-12:50pm.  We’d love to see you!

The workout will be circuit based with stability balls, barbells and athletic cardio.

Please RSVP to lkingsto@calgary.ymca.ca to ensure we get you on the guest list!

With hard work comes the taste of sweet success

It can be easy to fall into the trap of a quick fix when it comes to fitness, especially if you’ve overindulged on Easter candy, and are looking to get back on track quickly.

There seems to be an abundance of advice out there, promising fast results without much of a change to your lifestyle, and while I am more than aware that not everything you read online is on the straight and narrow, sometimes my need or desire for the article to be true outweighs my common sense and they have me, I’m hooked.

I’m talking about all the spurious advice which pops up in the advertising banners of pretty much any news website you visit. Something like: ‘Five foods to never eat again’; ‘Five exercises you must do for an amazing body’; ‘what to eat after training’; and so on.

It’s tempting to click on the link and find out that simply eating more of a certain kind of food or fuelling up on something else after a workout will boost my metabolism to the point of burning extra calories and help me reach my fitness goals muck more quickly, and, essentially, without very much extra effort.

But as the adage goes, if it sounds too good to be true it probably is, so instead of dashing off to the store to stock up on the latest superfood craze, why not pop down to your local YMCA and get some professional advice?

YMCA staff are trained and happy to answer any of your fitness or nutrition questions. There is always a member of staff on the weight floor to offer tips on which exercises would work best for your aims and also information on how the equipment works.

Why not go a step further and book some one-on-one personal training time? These professional trainers will be able to craft an individual exercise plan suited to your strengths and weaknesses and also help out with lots of pointers on diet and nutrition.

Learning to look for advice in the right places will help you to achieve your goals and get you the right results. After all, isn’t success so much sweeter when you’ve had to work hard for it?

Spin for Strong Kids

Only 7 days until the BIG day! Join us for our Spin for Strong Kids on Monday March 4th. Visit Member Services to sign up to ride for only 30 minutes. Exciting events and special local celebrities might just be at your branch! All money raised goes towards supporting children and youth as they access any YMCA program, membership or service. You may be surprised to know that 1 in 4 kids who enter our facilities, are in need of financial assistance but we never turn a child away. Come out next Monday for some fun!

YMCA Calgary’s Fourth Annual Spin for Strong Kids

YMCA Calgary’s fourth annual Spin for Strong Kids will be taking place on Monday March 4th!

Join us at your local YMCA beginning on Monday March 4th for a 30 minute ride that will show your support for the development of children in our YMCA community.  One in four kids coming to YMCA needs financial assistance. Raising donations for YMCA Strong Kids means that children and youth have positive experiences, make healthy choices, feel connected with others and learn the skills required to become leaders. The 2013 goal for YMCA Calgary is to raise $1.5 million to benefit 20,000 local youth and children. Pledge packages are available at Member Services.


“I feel good when I participate in Strong Kids because I know that the money we raise is being used to help people be able to use YMCA and learn and have fun” – Kristopher