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Calgary Flames Grade 6 Highlights @ Shawnessy YMCA

With the month of February coming to a close the Shawnessy YMCA is a hub of activity for youth of all ages! Here is a quick update on what our Calgary Flames Grade 6 members have been up to this month.

NSTEP Healthy Eating

As mentioned earlier this week we hosted our monthly NSTEP Healthy eating workshop, last Saturday (the 14th of Feb) our Grade 6 members enjoyed the opportunity to make healthy chicken nuggets from scratch!

Our NSTEP workshop will be returning on March the 14th 2015 from 3:30-4:30pm, to sign up Email me HERE with your child’s name, phone number and ANY food allergies!


Drop in Gym and open climb

Our weekly Grade 6 drop in Sport this month is soccer so come along and play! Drop-in Gym will return next week on the 25th of February 2015, All grade 6 members are invited!20150218_175904

On another note, I would like to remind everyone that rock climbing is included as part of the grade 6 membership, we host a regular weekly open climb on Saturdays from 1-3pm, All Climbers must have a climbing waiver form signed by a parent, you can collect this from member services. I really recommend this sport due to its fun and challenging nature!

Photography club

I hosted a photography club with a grade 6 member, check out some of the fun photos we took at the bottom!
Photography Club will return next month on the 19th of march with another Photo scavenger hunt! If you are interested in attending please email me here for more info!

Flames Friday Feb20th  2015 – Movie Night

We are hosting a movie night tonight next to the family center, we have a selection of General rated movies to pick from so come along and relax!

Later we will be hosting a Basketball tournament for our older youth 12years+ 8:00pm till 9:45pm.

Boot camp – Thursday Feb 26th 2015

We will be introducing our very first Grade 6 Boot camp! This will take place in the Studio from 5-6pm, we will be completing a circuit style work out using body resistance exercises and agility drills so come prepared to move and bring your water bottle.

Have you filled out our Sam2.0  survey?

The link is right here, and at the bottom if you have the time please feel free to provide us feedback. (http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/THP6RC9)

As always if you have any questions please contact me.

Philip Perryman, – Youth Coordinator Shawnessy YMCA

Email: philip.perryman@calgary.ymca.ca

phone; 403 256 5533 ext 284

Photography club photos:

Grade 6 Drop-In Soccer


This month at Shawnessy YMCA our Calgary flames foundation Grade 6 members have the opportunity to play indoor soccer at our Grade 6 Drop in Gym!

Today Wednesday 4th February we hosted Drop in Soccer for all our grade 6 members, we had a good turnout of players and it was lots of fun!

Next week we will be meeting again from 5-6 pm in gym 1 on Wednesday at the Shawnessy YMCA for a special Grade 6 Vs Y-survive event, all grade 6 members are invited so come along and try some soccer!

Philip Perryman

Youth Coordinator Shawnessy YMCA

Talk Space @ Shawnessy YMCA

20150130_165603Today at the Shawnessy YMCA we hosted our very first talk space, courtesy of the Calgary humane society and Calgary flames foundation.

Youth and grade 6 members were invited to attend the workshop about amphibians and reptiles as well as get up close and personal with Gus and , C.H.S’s resident geckos!

All the kids were very excited about being able to see the reptiles and really enjoyed the experience and being able to learn more about different types of unusual creatures.

February’s Shawnessy grade 6 calendar is out now and available to pick up in branch and is full of exciting activities to enjoy.

Philip Perryman

Shawnessy YMCA Youth Coordinator.

Scheduling Time to Un-Schedule

CyclersThe schedule for today:

  1. Wake up;
  2. Eat breakfast;
  3. Go to school;
  4. Come home;
  5. Have a snack;
  6. Do some homework;
  7. Go to a program;
  8. Have dinner out;
  9. Go to another program;
  10. Do chores;
  11. Do more homework;
  12. Have a bath;
  13. Go to bed.

The schedule for tomorrow:

  1. See above schedule.

Kids these days all seem to have schedules similar to the one above.  To go along with it are the demands of getting good grades, pressure from family and peers, and just growing up in general.  There are unwritten rules that kids need to learn and understand.  Adults are not the only ones with a lot going on these days.  In this time of over-scheduling, kids need to schedule in some un-scheduled time!

Here are some ways that kids can de-stress through the practice of un-scheduling:

Exercise: Run, walk, kick a ball, punch a punching bag. There are so many things that help kids release the built up frustrations.  Just 20 minutes can provide up to 12 hours of improved mood.  Getting active has so many benefits for calming a busy mind.

Write, Colour or Draw: Writing or drawing about what is bothering them is a great release and easy way to get rid of frustrations.  Getting it onto paper gets it out of the mind.

Listen to Music: Dance and jam out with the music playing.  There is just something calming about rocking out to your favourite tune.

Build or Create Something: The process of making something unique and new from scratch creates a great way to relax.  There is also something that can be used when it is done too.

263485_10150701105325253_1631203_nSocialize and Laugh: Spending time with friends and family who give a sense of belonging, purpose and fun may provide all the stress relief needed.  Not to mention a good chuckle relieves the built up tension.

Eat Well and Get a Good Night Sleep: Healthy eating and good sleep patterns are fundamental of living a well balanced life in a positive way.  Things just seem that much better with a healthy body.

Go Outside: The outdoors has a great calming effect.  Get back to nature, see the sun, explore a park, play in the leaves or snow… Just get up and go.  (October 29, is “Take Me Outside Day“)

The most important thing is to make a schedule change by finding something that kids enjoy and to just go and do it!


We want to hear about what you do to help kids de-stress through un-scheduling.  Share your stories on the YMCA Facebook page or on Twitter.



Community Wellness at Eau Claire YMCA

Join us for our first Community Wellness Day

Girl Standing out from Group_2255556

On Wednesday Sept. 24, the Eau Claire YMCA will be hosting its first Community Wellness Day from 10am to 2pm. Access the Y for free that day and make sure to bring a friend to try some fun stuff like TRX, Kettlebell, Tabata and much more. Check the free drop in activities schedule for more details on what we will be offering that day!

The following partners will be present to showcase some of their services and/or products:

  • Amaranth Foods
  • Eau Claire Community Association
  • London Drugs Pharmacy
  • The Distress Centre
  • Our own YMCA registered massage therapists

Make sure you participate in our draw to win a one-month membership!

We look forward to seeing you that day!


Eau Claire Swim Team Success

Last month Eau Claire YMCA Masters Swim Team did a mighty fine job at the FINA World Aquatic Masters Championships in Montreal. The event saw more than 9,000 athletes from around the world competing in swimming, diving, water polo and synchronized swimming.

“It was a great experience with a great group of people, watching some impressive swimming,” says Carli Tyson, one of the swim team members.

Our Eau Claire members represented well in their categories and won a few medals as well, including a Top 10 in Age Group win. The team includes:

Carli Tyson (1 medal)
Dave de Vlieger (2 medals)
Jorge Rivas (3 medals)
Steve Milchak
Samantha Warwick
Aimee Gabriel
Graham Daw
Kerry Creelman

They are a registered team with Swim Alberta and train 2-3 times throughout the week in Eau Claire YMCA’s pool. The team does a few local meets each year. The World Aquatic Masters Championships run every 2 years.  If you’d like to join the team, let Carli know.

ECY Swim Team 2 Masters Provincials

Continue to Travel this Fall

YMCA Calgary Daycamps have come to a close for the summer of 2014.

At Saddletowne, the campers spent the final week travelling around the world.  They started in South America, and then headed off to Asia, Europe, Africa, and finally finished thing off in North America. During the week, campers tried new sports, created cool art, and learned a great deal about the variety of people and things that our great world has to offer.  Now we are all returning home, heading back to school, back to the routine for the fall.

StrongKids_Week8Over the summer, we saw thousands of campers across all of our branches take part in travel in their imagination, and visit new and exciting places all over the city.  Many of these campers received the support they needed to take part in the camp experience from the “YMCA Strong Kids Campaign”.

There were 105 Saddletowne Turtles, as we called them, supported by donations through fun-filled events that raised just short of $500 here at the branch.  Some of these events included a disco dance competition, medieval jousting, a treasure hunt and a mystery auction featuring “Mystery Cookies”, just to name a few.  No matter the fun event, and no matter the branch, campers all over Calgary supported a great cause.

All of the campers are gearing up to head back to school, while YMCA’s across the city are busy gearing up for fall.  Stay up to date on all of the exciting programs by following us on Twitter, liking us on Facebook, checking out our website, or by signing up for our newsletter.

Just because the summer is over doesn’t mean that the fun doesn’t stop.  Fall program registration is open; the YMCA door are open and we want you to avoid the normal grind.  Continue to travel this fall to meet your potential of healthy living with us!

“We may not have gone where we intended to go, but I think we have ended up where we needed to be.” ~Douglas Adams~

Post- Workout Eats


Post- Workout Eats

Post-workout snacks are important to help your body recover from exercise. Give yourself a boost of energy and your muscles the tools they needs to repair and rebuild. Get some protein and some carbohydrates within 2 hours of working out.

Some great post-workout eats are:


Chocoloate Milk
The newest craze in post-exercise snacks. Chocolate Milk is packed with carbs and protein along with calcium to strengthen your bones. And it’s oh, so tasty.


Blend it!
Make a smoothie with berries, bananas, spinach and milk for a tasty, and cool, treat to cool you down and fuel your body’s recovery. Want some more protein? Add a bit of peanut butter to the blender.


Apple & Cheese Please
Another of my favourite snacks – it’s just enough to quiet the little tummy rumble, and it’s a great combo of sweet and not so sweet. Apples are filled with fibre, just make sure you eat the peel too.


Turkey & Cheese
Need something a little more filling? Some roasted turkey, Swiss cheese and a pile of veggies between whole wheat bread will fill you with good carbs, fibre, protein and vitamins.


Quinoa Salad
Quinoa is packed with fibre and protein. Mix your favourite veggies with this grain instead of a pile of lettuce for a tasty, filling, and recovery-boosting snack or meal.


Studies have shown that eating after exercise is important for insulin sensitivity levels, which impacts how the body takes sugar from the bloodstream into tissues for fuel. Give your body the fuel it needs by eating balanced, whole food snacks after hitting the gym.

Don’t forget to keep drinking water before, during and after your workout. The body gets dehydrated faster than normal when exercising because of the moisture loss from sweating.

As always, listen to your body. Learn to recognize what food makes you feel good before and after your workout.


apples and cheese
*Photos: Flickr – Katie Earley John Watson

Pre-Workout Eats

yogurt and berries
Pre-Workout Eats

Forget about soda, chips, and fried foods. Give your body fuel for your workout by eating the right things before you hit the gym. The right snacks can provide you with the right balance for fuel, building muscle, burning fat, satisfying hunger and aiding in recovery. Eat your snack 30-60 minutes before your workout.

Some of my favourite pre-workout eats are:


Parfait Okay!
Plain yogurt with strawberries and whole grain cereal or unsweetened granola will give you healthy (and sweet!) boost.


Oatmeal Mania
A small bowl of steel cut oats with some dried or fresh fruit and sliced almonds. Especially great when it’s chilly outside. Mmmm….


PBA – Peanut Butter and Apple
Slice up an apple and dip in PB. Yum.


PBBT – Peanut Butter Banana Toast
For a slightly heavier snack (or the perfect breakfast) try 2 tablespoons of peanut butter with sliced banana on whole grain toast. Banana and PB go so well together.


A hard-boiled egg spread with hummus gives a boost of protein.


Did you notice anything about this snack list?

Simple food.

Natural food.

Small servings.

Protein powder and supplements can be useful. But sometimes your best bet is to stick with simple snacks made of simple ingredients. Fruit, whole grains and the like. They provide tasty combinations of carbs, proteins, fats and various nutrients your body needs. Small servings will help you avoid the dreaded stomach ache and cramps during your workout.

banana PB toast
*Photos: Flickr – Penn Waggener & Jen Waller

Fran – Why the ‘Y’

Why I like the ‘Y’

As a former Master Swimmer/competitor for over 35 years, my passion for the water has resulted in a rotator cuff injury which grounded me for about a year and one-half.  I’ve learned that sometimes a negative can turn into a positive and it did in this circumstance.

I moved back to Calgary in May 2013 and joined the Shawnessy YMCA in September of that same year. Initially, my pool work-outs were restrained for fear that I would do additional damage to my shoulder.

In January 2014, I joined the FitLinxx Program at the South Health Campus where I combined cardio work-outs and added weight work-outs to my daily routine.  I met with Wellness Coach Sydney Taylor who developed a program designed to help me work through my injuries. She was extremely knowledgeable and encouraging and in a short time I rapidly gained strength, energy, and lost weight which has resulted in an immense improvement to my shoulder and has significantly improved my swimming ability.

Swimming and keeping fit have been vital components which have kept me grounded due to the inflexibilities and pressures of a military wife worrying about the safety of my husband while being deployed in conflict zones and several moves across the country and to Europe.

In the 70s, 80s and 90s, I was a YMCA member in Calgary, Kingston, and Owen Sound.  In the smaller communities such as Chilliwack, Petawawa and in Germany, the Military Fitness Centres were my comfort zones.  The YMCA family relates in essence to the Military family as it provides a sense of belonging and the parallels are similar. I return to the YMCA for social connections, building my immune system, enhancing mood, and to gain more strength, balance and flexibility.

On the social side, a fun-filled and competitive friendship developed with my work-out buddy Richard. We’ve encouraged each other in our pursuit to become healthier senior citizens and in doing so we have shared many stories, jokes, and banter.  The richness forged from our friendship has resulted in me gaining more knowledge about the Stem Cell Transplant Program.  He has shared his journey about his brush with cancer and his commitment and dedication to his fitness regimen, in his words, have provided him with a reprieve.


Pushing the envelope is a common characteristic of Richard’s, which has translated into my desire in trying to achieve the same level that he has accomplished.  His work ethic and positive attitude have been key elements in raising the standard of fitness that I would like to attain.  I’m not quite sure whether I’ll ever catch up to him on the FitLinxx Program, but the chase, the fun and mirth that we have shared along the way in trying to out-do one another has been exhilarating.

Fitness should be fun and it is, especially when working-out with a cherished friend!! The YMCA is truly a delightful place to make friends and to stay active, fit and healthy.

And that is why I like the ‘Y’.

South Health Campus YMCA
August 2014