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It’s the Effort that Counts

Written by Social Media Youth Volunteer, Anne Liao.

“If you give up because something is difficult, then what in this world isn’t difficult. I believe that it’s not over yet. You have to believe in yourself that you can make it; wake up smiling and keep practicing.”

This is a quote that I really like. When I read this quote I thought of how many times I had said, “I can’t.” I realize now that maybe if I had just put in some more effort that maybe I really could. But since I never tried, I won’t know. Effort really can go a long way and as long as you never give up you can achieve the things you want to. There’s nothing bad about trying your best because when has someone gotten into trouble for trying?

Contributing to a Healthy Community: Snacking Healthy

Temptation seems to be everywhere these days, from cupcakes at the office to chocolates from your sweetie on Valentine’s Day. There always seems to be a “special occasion” that gives us the excuse to indulge in sugary, high-fat food that we KNOW is not healthy for us.

Here are a few ideas for healthy snacking that might help reduce the urge to eat the unhealthy temptations:

  • Greek yogurt mixed with ½ scoop of organic chocolate protein powder – add some mixed berries for even more healthy sweetness and some great anti-oxidants.
  • For special occasions at work, there are companies who do lovely fruit concoctions that look like elaborate bouquets.
  • Full fat coconut milk mixed with a scoop of chocolate protein powder and one tsp pure cocoa makes a lovely chocolate pudding–leave it in the fridge for a while to thicken up if you find it too thin.

Remember, as long as you eat well 80% of the time, it is okay to indulge once in a while!

Nick… WOW! Brrr… Really?!

Guess who was spotted running along Calgary pathways yesterday during the deep freeze (-29 degrees celcius before wind chill)?

Nick Wiggins, Eau Claire YMCA General Manager, makes many of us question our own dedication to health and wellness… And maybe also makes us also question what on earth was Nick thinking?!

Well, no matter what he was thinking… Good for you, Nick, for your incredible commitment to your fitness routine. You WOW us all!

Nick Wiggins, Eau Claire YMCA General Manager, braves Calgary's freezing temperatures for winter run