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Summer Series #6: Ultimate Frisbee

Written by Social Media Youth Volunteer: Sheriza Jiwani

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Ultimate Frisbee uses a variety of skills from different sports. It is a non contact sport that uses the throwing and catching skills of football, the stop and start movement patterns of basketball and non-stop movement similar to soccer. The field is similar to that of football with two endzones. A team (with seven people on the field) scores a point by making a successful pass to a player standing in the end zone they are attacking.

Players are not allowed to move with the Frisbee, but rather pass it to other players. If the Frisbee gets intercepted or knocked down, there is a change of possession and the Frisbee goes to the opposing team. This game is great if you want to play something similar to football without the fear of being tackled or running with the football. It combines many skills and is a very good workout.

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