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YMCA Saddletowne Family Fun

Come Together for FAMILY FUN!

At the YMCA, we believe that families that spend time together grow strong together.  Come join us for a themed afternoon of activities including, gym time, crafts and games!!  We will be delivering fun, healthy activities for children between the ages of 3 and 10, and parents and guardians of all ages.  Come out and meet some other families in your community.


Please e-mail Judy at jmartin@calgary.ymca.ca for more information.      



Family Wellness Day at the Saddletowne YMCA

Visit the Saddletowne YMCA Saturday, December 19th from 1:00-4:00 PM for our Community Wellness Day.  There will be games, activities and more throughout the afternoon, and access is FREE for everyone.

Click here for a full list of activities, and don’t forget to bring your bathing suit!

Grade 6 Basketball Tournament! December the 11th

grade 6 bballT

Calling all Grade 6!

We will be hosting our second Calgary Flames Grade 6 member tournament.

Registration for this event will Open on the 23th of November 2015, You can call your branch and register with member services or email your branches youth team. .

Course Code #107177

Must Be Available to play! Transport arrangements can be made from your home branch.

Tournament Medical Form

Tournament rules



YMCA Community Wellness Day

The next YMCA Community Wellness Day is November 21!

Every YMCA Location will have free public access on this day. Come for a swim, shoot some hoops or use our cardio and strength areas.

All Sport One City

YMCA locations will also be participating in All Sport One City, a Sport Calgary and City of Calgary initiative to promote getting active! Check out the schedules for more information on programming and events.


Community Wellness Day Poster NOV 21


Create a positive Child Minding experience for you and your child

When the needs of a child guide parents and caregivers in their actions, it helps children to have positive experiences that support them in their growth and development.

YMCA Calgary aims to provide your child with a safe, caring and stimulating environment – one filled with lots of opportunities for them to explore and learn as they play.

We know that it is very important to have open, positive relationships between parents and caregivers so communication is effective. This allows children to make connections between their home and the broader community while gaining an understanding that the adults in their life are working together… for them!

YMCA Child Minding areas are places children become very familiar with as they gain confidence for being away from their parent. In the Child Minding area they develop relationships of their own with other children as well as the staff and volunteer caregivers. As a values based organization we pride ourselves on providing opportunities for children to learn about, and practice behaviours of, respect, responsibility, caring and honesty. In the child minding areas you can see this –

  • When children observe caregivers and parents warmly greeting and calmly speaking with one another
  • When check in and sign out processes are smooth and worry free for children, parents and caregivers
  • When children clean up the toy or piece of equipment they were playing with prior to leaving the area
  • When caregivers let the phone go to voice mail while they play and engage with children. Messages can be picked up in a few moments, a wonderful play moment shouldn’t be interrupted
  • When a parent or caregiver voices a concern to the other adult and they hear each other out prior to determining how they can best work together to support the child

YMCA staff and volunteers want all children to feel comfortable and happy within the Child Minding area. They truly enjoy working with the children and are committed to providing them with the care and attention they need.

For more information about YMCA Child Minding areas visit our website at https://www.ymcacalgary.org/childminding/


Reminder: Child Minding Block Booking for winter 2016 Session (Jan 4 – Mar 20, 2016)

YMCA Members     Book beginning Monday, November 23, 2015

Non-Members       Book beginning Monday, December 7, 2015




Baby Blue Eyes_61264360


Community Wellness Day

Come to our community wellness day!

Saturday October 3rd 2015 – 9:30am – 1pm

Non-profits and health & wellness businesses will have booths set up in the common area through the facility.

There will be a seminar focused on seniors as well as teddy bear activities throughout the complex for younger children, including the outdoor courtyard led by YMCA.

There will also be free admission to the YMCA.

Please note that registration is required for the senior events (call 403 290 5755) and those attending the teddy bear events should bring their favorite doll!

Hope to see you there!

SCWF Adults

Activities for Seniors

SCWF Youth bear

Activities For Children

Grade 6 Launch Party!

The grade 6 launch party was a great success with lots of people coming to the facility and participating in different activities! Keep an eye out for more special event!

Octobers activity schedules for October will be up soon, for your individual facility please check here.


LINC Summer Fun!

Neelam's Class

Neelam’s Class

I can’t believe September is here already! It has been a busy summer for the YMCA Calgary LINC classes. Let’s see what everyone has been up to this summer.

Jackie’s South LINC class took a field trip to Fish Creek Park, where they had a traditional Canadian BBQ. The class had fun in the sun, ate delicious food, and learned a few things, too! For example, one of Jackie’s students said,  “First, I think before we want to have outdoor activity, we should have plan and have a list. Second, I can see everyone help together to make a fire and clean up after finish activity.” Great tips!

After the BBQ, a student said, “This was the first time I had been celebrated at the park with my classmates in Canada. So I was very happy at that time.” Another student said, “Actually, that activity was just wow. We had lots of fun. Because of BBQ, we enjoyed foods. We played games, which was also fun.”  Sounds like the first Canadian BBQ was a success!

Jackie's Class BBQ

Jackie’s Class BBQ

Jessica’s LINC class at South Health Campus worked hard on a new Community Garden project. Students  learned about what to grow in Calgary’s climate, and worked together to plant, water, and harvest their crops. One of Jessica’s students gave some feedback about the garden.

“The garden is a wonderful place which I rarely felt so before. Whenever I walk into the garden, I can not help being in a state of resembling intoxication by the fresh and fragrant air. Before touching the garden, I didn’t have any experience in how to handle a garden, but I am knowing more and more since I was attracted by the garden like watering, soil handling, etc.” – Helen

Meanwhile, Neelam’s North LINC class was busy creating Story Sacks and learning about the benefits of reading to kids. The students practiced their stories with kids from the YMCA Preschool and Childcare programs. Everyone had a blast! Great job!

Story Time!

Story Time!

Carly’s North LINC class went indoor rock-climbing, with the help of some awesome Saddletowne YMCA Volunteers! Carly’s class bravely climbed the wall, and some students even conquered a fear of heights. Osama, a young man from Pakistan, perfectly summed up the activity. “I so scared, my arms feel so weak and like jelly. I sweat so much, I thought my glasses fell off. My teacher and friends encourage and cheer for me, so I try a second time. The second time I feel like a king. I went more high than the first time. I am brave now.” Way to go, everybody!!

Climbing High!

Climbing High!

Osama Climbs!

Osama Climbs!








Soccer Summer Camps at Crowfoot YMCA

Soccer Summer Camps are Here

Did you know that Crowfoot YMCA offers a Soccer Development Summer Camp for ages 6-13? This week-long soccer development camp focusses on growing soccer skills through fitness activities, soccer skill development, cross-training, swimming, and games. With an emphasis on teamwork and a love of the game, this camp is sure to be a KICK with kids!

Additionally, Crowfoot YMCA offers a variety of other summer camps, including Creative Arts Camps, and Swimming Camps. Space is limited and filling up fast, so sign up today!

Course codes can be found here.

Register online or by visiting or calling Member Services at 403-547-6576. As with all YMCA Calgary programs, financial assistance is available through our Strong Kids Campaign to those who qualify.