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Clean It Up

Eating clean means different things to different people.  For some clean eating may mean a vegetarian or vegan diet, switching to gluten free, removing processed foods, or choosing organics.  For some, eating clean can be as simple as removing junk food like chips and candies from our diets.

Eating clean is subjective, and is based on what our current diet is.  For me, clean eating is all in the pronunciation.  Being able to pronounce all of the ingredients in what I eat, and knowing what each ingredient is.  When I think of clean, I always think of water, water washes away the dirt and grime on our cars, our floors, our clothes so it stands to reason water will wash the toxins out of our body as well.

Any change that you can make towards cleaning up your dietary intake is a positive one.  Remember that it doesn’t have to be a huge change, and that small steps forward are more successful changes than making a drastic change all at once.

Drink up!

10 Foods to Boost Your Daily Dose of Vitamins

Another great article on the Canadian Living website! This time, writer Heather Camlot takes a look at how taking supplements only to ensure a good daily dose of vitamins doesn’t quite cut it. The natural way is the way to go, seems to be the conclusion of this article:

“Supplements are not meant to replace a healthy diet,” says Stephanie Langdon, a registered dietitian and the owner of Something Nutrishus Counselling and Coaching in Saskatoon. “And taking large amounts of certain vitamins and minerals can be dangerous.”…

“The energy your body needs every day for work and play comes from calories, carbohydrates, protein and fat,” explains Langdon. “Food also contains fibre, phytochemicals and antioxidants, and has all the nutrients working together.”

Read the full article on the Canadian Living website.

Transforming the ‘Salty Six’ in your Diet

Salt has an impact on a lot more than just blood pressure. Take a look at your wrinkles… Salt may play a heavy part. Weak bones… Salt may be sucking them dry and brittle.

Take a look at this article found on the Huffington Post website all about how salt impacts your life in ways you may not expect plus how to transform six of the salty culprits into healthier eats.

“… keep in mind, high blood pressure and sodium affects more than your heart — those darn wrinkles. Too much salt can decrease calcium levels in your body. So lowering your salt consumption keeps your bones stronger. Not to mention, no one looks as good with eye bags and a puffy face, the day after a salty-food fest.”

Read the full article on the Huffington Post website written by Dr. Oz and Dr. Roizen.

Are Supplements a Good Idea?

I have recently been getting a lot of questions regarding supplements and whether or not people that workout should be taking a supplement to improve their health or performance.

The market is so saturated with supplements nowadays and there are many question on what to take, how much to take, when to take and whether or not to take multiple supplements.

First of all a supplement is only needed if you cannot get the nutrients you require from your regular diet. Taking in extra vitamins minerals or other supplements will not make you healthier or fitter if you are already getting enough. If you do take in more than you need, depending on the supplement your body will store it as fat (in the case of extra protein) or you will excrete it in your urine.

If you think you are deficient in a specific nutrient a registered dietitian can do a diet analysis to see if you are getting all of the proper nutrients, or your doctor can get you some tests to determine if you are deficient in a specific nutrient.

For those of you that still want to take some of the performance enhancing supplements you do get what you pay for. I recommend sticking with known name brands. When you are going to try something new I recommend that you only add one thing at a time into your diet. Record any changes to your body composition or improvements in your fitness level, if any. If you find that the supplement works than you can keep it as a staple in your diet. If you don’t notice any improvement with a particular supplement than you can move on to the next product. If you take in too many supplements at one time and you have never tried them before, you cannot be sure if it was one or more than one product that made the changes. You wouldn’t want to spend your money on 3 supplements but only one is really making improvements in your fitness or health.

Overcoming Barriers to Healthy Eating

Lack of time, how to choose, price… There are many reasons people give to explain why they are avoiding making healthy eating choices.

Health Canada has a great website with loads of information about healthy eating, including overcoming barriers to making the best choices for food and drinks.

There is even a list on what to look for in a meal when eating out and guides to portion sizes.

Scroll to the end of every page for great links to more information and explanations.

YMCA Stampedin’ Around

A stompin’ good time was had by YMCA staff and volunteers on Saturday at the Ismaili Muslim Stampede Breakfast 2012. Super turnout from the community and lots of smiling new faces. What fun for YMCA to be part of this great event.


L to R: Noshy, Brigitte, Khalil, Helene, Narmin, Mohamed, Ruhie

CBC & YMCA Stampede Bfasts

A massive kudos to CBC Calgary & Ken Lima-Coelho, CBC Calgary Sr. Communications Officer and one of the volunteers on YMCA Calgary’s Board of Directors, for an amazing CBC Stampede Breakfast this morning! ‘Don Cherry’, Alison Redford, Nenshi, Calgary Stamps and lots of other personalities were in attendance to wow the crowd. Don’t forget the fun flash mob too!

REMINDER: YMCA Calgary Stampede Breakfasts next week. Different day for different YMCA locations. Click here to get all the details.

Here are some photos of the great times at the CBC Stampede Breakfast:

What a great turnout for the CBC Stampede Breakfast!

Getting Western at the CBC Stampede Breakfast

Kids at the CBC Stampede Bfast

Ken gets western!

After Running: Foods to Refuel

In an article on the Discovery Fit & Health website, Writer Kevin P. Allen takes a look at great food choices for after a run:

Not all workouts are created equal. A short run, say a two-miler, doesn’t require much, if any, replenishment. Once you move beyond a 30 to 45 minute window of exercise, it’s important to provide that miraculous machine of yours with both carbohydrates and protein. A run that lasts an hour or more taxes your body in such a way that you need to give it carbohydrates and protein in a particular proportion — ideally, a 4-to-1 ratio of carbs to protein — that will maximize immune function while restoring energy and rebuilding your muscles better than before.

Click here to read the full article on the Discovery Fit & Health website.


Nutrition Tip: July 2012

In the first two months of our nutrition tips the topics of vegetables and protein were discussed. For this month, let’s move on to the macronutrient that causes, arguably, the most controversy: fats.

Dietary fat is an essential part of a healthy diet but there are many misconceptions out there, stemming from the low fat phase in the 1980s. I remember a program whose tagline was, “The Fat You Eat is the Fat You Wear!” How unfortunate that this kind of misinformation was everywhere and remnants still remain.

The Canada Food Guide recommends the fat intake be between 20-35% of caloric intake. That is quite a change from the Pritiken (a popular diet program in the 80s) suggestion of 10% or less! The key, of course, is to take in healthy fats and not to succumb to the “fun” foods that contain many saturated and trans fats which are dangerous to one’s health. Trans fats are found primarily in baked goods, processed foods and items found in shiny packages. Saturated fats are found in fattier animal products like whole milk or ground beef and in some processed plant foods like palm oil.

There are many excellent and healthy fats that can and should be included in one’s diet. They include avocados, nuts and seeds, natural nut butters, eggs and high quality olive oil. A little oil or avocado will add a lot of flavour to foods and provide satiety.

Ensure you place some of these great items in your grocery cart the next time you go shopping. Your body will thank you!

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Superfruits or Super Myth?

In a recent article on the Los Angeles Times online, writer Karen Ravn takes a look at whether or not superfruits really are a great as people tout.

“Over the years, a lot of produce has been given the “super” label, usually over levels of antioxidants. Studies haven’t really made a clear case…”

Click here to read the full article on www.articles.latimes.com.