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Pilates Infused Core at the Eau Claire YMCA

Looking for core training that steps outside of the traditional crunch and plank?

Pilates Infused Core integrates the concepts and exercises from Pilates with fitness theory and principles to create a 3 dimensional challenge for the core. Using props and your own body weight, exercises are taken outside of the traditional context and brought to new light!

Join Jennifer Wednesdays 6:35-7:35pm and experience core training like never before. Starts October 30th.

for more information and to register please call 403-781-1684.


New program session starts July 29th at the Eau Claire YMCA

Looking to HEAT up your summer workouts?

Join us for a short, but oh so sweet session starting July 29th. It’s not too late with rolling registration! Register today!

Program options include: Fusion, Yoga, Kettlebell, Outdoor Bootcamps, TRX and Zumba!

Please contact member services for more information and to register. 403-269-6701

Summer Programs at the YMCA

Join us this summer – stay active, be healthy at the YMCA.

So much to choose from!

Adult fitness, strength and aquatics.

Youth – Aquatics, day camps and much more

Preschool – Aquatics and so much more

Don’t miss out!

Member Summer registration – ongoing

Non Member Summer registration – June 3rd

Programs start July 2nd

For branch specific information please open the spring/summer program guide on our website or call 403-269-6701

This Summers hottest workout trends – how does Calgary compare?

I took some time to look around at what to see what was hot this summer in fitness.  I happened across an article from New York about trends and thought, I wonder how close Calgary is to being on top of current trends…..I was pleasantly surprised!

XFIT –International trend Crossfit, even has it’s own Crossfit Games competition–it’s not a fad. So whether it is the Crossfit brand, Brick Crossfit workout or the YMCA’s own XFit classes, this workout  advocates a mix of aerobic exercise, body weight exercise, gymnastics, and Olympic weight lifting. CrossFit describes its strength and conditioning program as “constantly varied, high intensity, functional movement,” with the stated goal of improving fitness. Workouts are typically short and intense, demanding all-out physical exertion. Not for the weak of heart, Crossfit offers intensity with results.

Eau Claire YMCA – Mondays 6:30-7:30 pm and Thursdays
12:05-1:00pm Starting July 2nd.

Outdoor Bootcamps are a great way to get outdoors and get fit this summer. These interval based workouts are also a great way to get ready for the popular obstacle based races that have grown in popularity over the past few years like Spartan Races.

Check with your local YMCA Branch for times and dates for Outdoor Bootcamps closest to you. Summer programs start July 2nd.

Indoor Cycle Classes– Whether your goal this summer is a triathlon, fondo or Spartan races, indoor cycling offers great training opportunities and advantages. High intensity coupled with minimal impact on joints, indoor cycling runs rain or shine during the summer months!

Drop in cycle classes run all year long, check with your branch for scheduled days and times.

The last trend mentioned in the New York article is Bike Share, similar to the Car2go idea. This trend is growing wheels in Calgary according to the article in the Calgary Hearld (see link below). Until this concept really takes off, take your own initiative and book one day a week and cycle in. Even if your commute is extensive, Calgary has one of the best bike path systems in the country. Enjoy a beautiful ride, stay fit and be kind to the environment. See the link below to plan your route.





Spin for Strong Kids TRX Cycle workout with Michael

On Monday March 4th – 5:15-6:45pm, join Michael for this special workout.

100% of the $10 fee to reserve your spot goes to the YMCA Strong Kids Campaign, ensuring that all children and youth have access to YMCA programs and membership no matter their financial ability. Help us build Strong Kids and join Michael on Monday March 4th for this great workout!

Tai Chi at the Eau Claire YMCA

Tai Chi is a great way to be active. Train your body as well as your mind as you work this ancient form of martial arts.

Tuesdays 12:05-1:00pm level 1

Thursdays 12:05-1:00pm level 2

A body in motion is always headed in the right direction.

For more information please call Cathi at 403-781-1684