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Nutrition Tips: October 2012

Supplementation is a hot topic in fitness circles and one that leads to some great questions. Do I need to supplement? How much and what kind of supplements should I take? What time of the day is it best to take them?

Let’s start simply by addressing the two most basic and beneficial forms of supplementation: multi-vitamins and fish oil. Taking a multi-vitamin daily covers  deficiencies that almost all of us have. If you have a pristine diet full of vegetables, fresh fruit and quality protein sources you may not be in dire need of a vitamin regimen but most of us fall short of the ideal. Busy lives, missed meals, poor soil conditions for our produce to grow in and so on are all contributing factors. A multi-vitamin will ensure you fill in any gaps.

Fish oil is a terrific addition to your daily dietary intake. Many recent studies have found fish oil to have positive effects on everything from acne to dementia to immunity issues. It is also proven to lower LDL (the bad cholesterol) and cardiovascular disease. The key with fish oil is Omega 3s which are essential fatty acids. Our diets often don’t contain enough Omega 3s and this supplement ensures this is rectified. There are differing views as to the amount recommended but the consensus is at least 500mg; the American Heart
Association suggests at least 1000mg for anyone who has had cardiovascular disease.

As to the question of when to take your supplements, go for the time of day that you know you will remember to take them! With your breakfast is often a great time to ensure you remember to get an additional great start to your day.

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