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Crowfoot YMCA Renamed as Melcor YMCA at Crowfoot

Photo 1. Big Cheque indoor

In a significant boost to its Power of Potential Campaign, YMCA Calgary has received a $1-million donation from Melcor Developments Ltd. celebrating the strong relationship between the YMCA, Melcor and its founding family, the Meltons. In recognition of this substantial and meaningful gift, YMCA Calgary has renamed its Crowfoot YMCA facility in northwest Calgary as the Melcor YMCA at Crowfoot. A YMCA member and champion for decades, Andy Melton says the fit between Melcor and the YMCA is a perfect match. “We are builders of communities at Melcor. But, like our company, the YMCA isn’t only about bricks and mortar; it’s about providing value to the community.”

“The Y humbly and quietly goes about its business, making a real impact,” Melton says. “We hope this investment will inspire others to consider YMCA Calgary as worthy of support and investment as it raises $30-million to make a healthier more connected Calgary.”

YMCA Calgary President and CEO Helene Weir says Andy Melton’s – and Melcor’s – commitment demonstrates a match in values. “The words honesty, caring, responsibility and respect hang prominently inside the Melcor YMCA at Crowfoot,” she says. “Andy and the team at Melcor embody those values and put them to good use creating communities and investing in the success of kids, families and everyone who lives and works within them.”

“Through this contribution to the YMCA campaign, Melcor has shown tremendous leadership.” says Evan Hazell, Co-Chair of the Power of Potential Campaign cabinet. “This support will go a long way in engaging more people of all ages and abilities in reaching their full potential – the anchor purpose of our campaign.”

Brian Baker, President and CEO of Melcor Developments adds, “we are proud to have the Melcor name associated with an organization focused so selflessly on the health of children, youth and adults, building leaders and creating great community opportunities for wellness. ”

face painting Andy Melton Carnival in the Lobby

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YMCA Calgary to operate new Quarry Park Child Development Centre

YMCA Calgary is excited to announce they will be the operators of the new Quarry Park Child Development Centre, a new Remington Development project.

This purpose-built childcare centre will have approximately 348 licensed spaces to serve families with children aged 12 months – 6 years in the surrounding communities in southeast Calgary. This approximate 36,000 sq ft facility is scheduled to open in 2016.


Artist Rendering.

View Calgary Herald Article: Remington project brings child care options to Quarry Park


Benefits to your Child at YMCA Childcare Facilities

Learning Benefits

  • Early years research has formed the basis of the YMCA Playing to Learn curriculum, now implemented in over 300 YMCA Childcare centres across Canada.
  • Children are given opportunities to participate in developmentally appropriate play-based activities that maximize children’s learning. and prepare them for kindergarten.
  • Early childhood educators are provided with the skills they need to prepare program and spaces that are conducive to learning.

Health Benefits
Children will enjoy:

  • Indoor group activity spaces including multi-purpose rooms for active play
    A large, dedicated outdoor environment featuring natural play and learning areas
  • A learning kitchen for early nutrition education
  • Recreation time in the Remington YMCA (opening 2016) pool and gym for older children
  • Nutritious snacks and mid-day meal
  • All children registered in YMCA Child Development Centres receive a free YMCA Child Membership.

Social Benefits

  • Positive, caring relationships form the foundation of YMCA childcare settings. Children learn about YMCA Calgary’s core values of honesty, caring, respect and responsibility and practice behaviours which support social skill development, emotional competence and community engagement.


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New YMCA in Quarry Park Named Remington YMCA

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Calgary AB – A $2 million investment to support wellness by Remington Development Corporation means the new City of Calgary-built recreation facility currently under construction in Quarry Park is getting a new name. It will be called the Remington YMCA*. The Remington YMCA is one of three new City-owned, YMCA-operated facilities currently in development. It will provide opportunities for recreation, leisure and learning through aquatics, fitness, and sports facilities, as well as multi-purpose spaces, licensed childcare, and a full-service Calgary Public Library branch.

“Remington Development Corporation’s vision has always been to have a live/work/play community and this new facility is rounding out this vision.” said Cody Clayton, President, Remington Development Corporation.

“A huge thank you to Remington for this remarkable investment in our community,” said Mayor Naheed Nenshi. “It is about building community ties, and that is what the Y does every day.”

“We can look at Quarry Park and see the changing face of the southeast,” said Shane Keating, City Councillor for Ward 12.

“Remington’s vision and commitment to this part of town and this community is amazing,” said Helene Weir, President and CEO, YMCA Calgary. “We’re grateful for this generous gift and are thrilled to be partners in this to make a difference in the lives of Calgarians.”

Slated to open in 2016, the 100,000 square foot facility will provide health and wellness resources for families in Quarry Park and the surrounding southeast Calgary communities.

About Remington Development Corporation
Since their first project in 1994, Remington Development Corporation has emerged as a true industry leader in all aspects of commercial and residential development. They have earned a reputation for professionalism, integrity and thoroughness. Visit www.remingtoncorp.com/ for more information.

For More Information:

Kelly Smith | Chief Operating Officer, YMCA Calgary
Office: (403) 781-1671 | Mobile: (403) 816-5100 | kelly.smith@calgary.ymca.ca

Gillian Lawrence | General Manager – Land Development, Remington Development Corporation
Office: (403) 255-7003 | glawrence@remingtoncorp.com

*Note: subject to a lease/operating agreement being signed between the YMCA and The City

Earth Day April 22, 2013

This Monday April 22 2013 is Earth Day.

The global theme for Earth Day 2013: The Face of Climate Change.
For many, climate change seems like a remote problem, but the reality is that it’s already affecting people, animals and places around the world. As these Faces of Climate Change begin to multiply, others are multiplying too: the faces of those stepping up to do something about it.

Here in Calgary there are a number of events celebrating Earth Day and showing how we as Calgarians can make choices which minimize our impact on the environment. A family friendly Down to Earth Day is being held this Sunday on International avenue.

Environmental awareness is an important component of YMCA Calgary’s Global Initiatives department and helps us to continue to develop global awarness through the programs and services offered by YMCA Calgary.

YMCA Staff Nominated for 17th Annual Leadership Award

Congratulations to Joann Hook, YMCA Calgary General Manager, Training and Development for being nominated at the 17th Annual Leadership Awards for the Leader in Volunteer Management category!

Volunteer Calgary officially announced the 97 nominees for the 17th Annual Leadership Awards in a special celebration held at Cardel Theatre. 97 nominations were received by Volunteer Calgary across eight categories: Heart of Calgary, Leaders of Tomorrow, Leaders in Employee Volunteering, Leader in Volunteer Management, Leader in Volunteer Engagement, Volunteer Family, and Volunteer in Profile. The nominees represent the commitment, passion and diversity of the thousands of volunteers in Calgary who work behind the scenes to build a stronger and healthier community – youth, individuals, employee groups, lifelong volunteers and volunteer management professionals.

Winners will be announced at the awards banquet on April 23, 2013.

Calgarians are encouraged start volunteering by connecting with local volunteer opportunities via Volunteer Calgary.

Did you know YMCA Calgary has almost 1,000 volunteers? View our current opportunities.

Adolescent Stages of Development

Here is some incredible information from the Child Development Institute on the Adolescent stages of development, including models of transition, description of stages, conclusions/action for moving forward:

“You can begin to understand this age group if you look at its place on the growth sequence. Notice how it’s right next to the adult stage, the last step before being an adult. This is a time for adolescents to decide about their future line of work and think about starting their own families in a few years. One of the first things they must do is to start making their own decisions.”

Read the article in full on the Child Development Institute website.

Raising Teens Successfully

From the Child Development Institute website, here is an article on raising teens. Includes links on a bunch of useful topics, like ‘Getting Your Teen to Open Up’.

“The teen years pose some of the most difficult challenges for families. Teenagers, dealing with hormone changes and an ever-complex world, may feel that no one can understand their feelings, especially parents. As a result, the teen may feel angry, alone and confused while facing complicated issues about identity, peers, sexual behavior, drinking and drugs.

Parents may be frustrated and angry that the teen seems to no longer respond to parental authority. Methods of discipline that worked well in earlier years may no longer have an effect. And, parents may feel frightened and helpless about the choices their teen is making.”

Read the full article on the Child Development Institute website.