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Helping your Child/Teen Survive Peer Pressure

In this article on About.com, writer Barbara Poncelet talks about peer pressure and how to handle tricky situations. There are lots of tips, advice and links out to other sites on the same & similar issues.

“When your teenager’s friends influence your child’s thoughts or behavior, that is peer pressure. This influence may be verbal, nonverbal or even unconscious on the part of your child’s friends. This pressure can negatively or positively impact on your teen’s behavior. Peer pressure is a powerful influence, one that you need to understand so that you can help protect your child from making harmful decisions done under it’s sway.”

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Getting Kids to Play Outside

In an article by the National Wildlife Federation on TheDailyGreen.com, we learn ideas for inspiring kids to move away from the electronics keeping them indoors to the great outdoors for some fresh air and fun:

“Kids today spend 55 hours a week indoors using electronics, and less and less time outdoors. But how do you get your kid to experience the wonders of nature, develop creativity and learn to appreciate the virtues of quiet?”

Read more: http://www.thedailygreen.com/environmental-news/latest/play-outside-47060105#ixzz1qECpmyGZ


Award Winning YMCA!

We are all delighted at YMCA Calgary to have won the Calgary’s Child Magazine Parents’ Choice awards for Best Children’s Residential Camp and Honorable Mentions for Best Child Care Facility, Best Programs for School Age Children, Best Teen Programs and Best Children’s Day Camp!

Thank you to everyone who voted for YMCA Calgary. We are proud our programs are helping build healthy communities.

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