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Fitness Volunteer Opportunity

Shawnessy YMCA in Calgary’s south west  is actively recruiting certified group fitness instructors to join our fabulous team of volunteer instructors!  There will be subbing opportunities as well as full classes available beginning in summer and fall 2013.

If you are group fitness certified with YMCA, AFLCA or Can-Fit-Pro, click here to check out the posting.

Spring Ahead

Daylight Saving’s Time begins at 2am on Sunday, March 10th 2013
Don’t forget to set your clock ahead one hour before you go to bed on Saturday night!

Shining A Bright YMCA Spotlight On Youth

YMCA associations across the globe are known for their youth and family programming, but do you know everything that we do for youth right here in Calgary?

YMCA Calgary has 5 Health/Fitness/Recreation locations as well as school and community locations to serve the youth with opportunities right in your community. There is a wide variety of youth opportunities that we offer, both free of charge to members and some at an additional cost. Listed below are just a few amazing youth opportunities offered by YMCA Calgary.

Volunteering – Youth can get involved in their YMCA community by applying to volunteer! Taking ownership and pride in their YMCA, youth are accepted for a variety of positions that include clerical, sports programming, and membership services. Volunteer application acceptance is ongoing; we love to see youth getting involved in our YMCA communities.

Leadership – Leadership skills are sharpened in YMCA Leaders, and Leaders In Training programming  Youth leadership programs give youth the opportunity to step up and leard to create change in themselves and our community.

Steve Nash Basketball – An association-wide program, taking place at Crowfoot, Eau Claire, Saddletowne, and Shawnessy locations. Open to ages 6-13yrs, Steve Nash Basketball is a national youth basketball program designed to develop fundamental skills, sportsmanship and a love of the game for basketball among Canadian youth.

Active Y Kids – Offers youth a chance to improve and sustain a healthy lifestyle. Designed to improve overall health, Active Y Kids incorporates cardiovascular and muscular conditioning activities, nutrition sessions, and self-development education.

Skip Time – Offered exclusively at Crowfoot YMCA in the NW, Skip Time boasts high energy games, double dutch skipping, partner skipping and individual tricks are used to teach focused jump rope skills, coordination, power, rhythm, fitness development and teamwork. Open to ages 6-16yrs.

Bugaboos Climbing – Introducing youth to the fundamentals of wall climbing. Along with basic climbing skills, Bugaboos (6-8yrs) will learn an understanding of the importance of trust and communication as they develop mental focus and improve muscular endurance and body awareness. Bugaboos can be found on climbing walls at Saddletowne, South Health Campus, and Shawnessy locations.

Parkour – Offered exclusively at Eau Claire YMCA in the heart of Calgary’s downtown, Parkour is all about moving efficiently and effectively. Parkour get youth moving, utilizing movements such as rolls, vaults and climbing in combination with free running; freestyle gymnastics and Martial Arts to navigate through any environment.

Junior Lifeguard Club – Introduces you to lifesaving techniques and first aid skills. Youth will gain experience in accident prevention and dealing with the public. Participants must be aged 10-15yrs, and able to swim 50 metres and tread water for one minute.

For more information on these and other YMCA Youth programming, please contact your closest YMCA branch.

Summer Series #8: Water Polo

Written by Social Media Youth Volunteer: Sheriza Jiwani

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“A very exciting, very rough team sport,” comments Brianne G, age 15, when asked about Water Polo. Her first experience of playing the game was in September when she misunderstood her coach and played in net. “…the coach came up to me and with a strong French accent said, “Would you be comfortable playing net?” But with his accent and the sound of the game I heard. ” Would you be comfortable playing next?” So I nodded because I really didn’t want to play yet but the next thing I knew I was being pushed in the water and thrown the goalie cap.” Since then, Brianne G. has continued to play water polo and she loves it.

Similar to basketball, water polo uses ball-handling skills. When moving a ball, you must keep it in front of you and on the surface of water. To score points, you throw the ball into a net instead of a basket like in handball. Due to the fact that you cannot touch the sides of the pool or the bottom, you are continually treading water and swimming making swimming a key part of the sport.

Want to join this exhilarating sport? Well, the first step to playing water polo is the
ability to swim really well and have high endurance to tread water. YMCA Calgary has many swimming lessons starting from toddlers going all the way to adult swimming lessons. There are stroke improvement classes, aqua boot camps and more to work on and improve your swimming skills. Visit the Programs page for more information.

Get out there and get swimming!

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