Summer Series #1: What do you do to stay active in the summer?

Written by Social Media Youth Volunteer: Sheriza Jiwani

After all the rain we’ve been getting its relief to be getting some nice hot weather. It is time to pull out those flip-flops and enjoy the nice weather outside. Being a person who plays winter sports, I sometimes find it difficult to find some form of exercise in the summer. I am not the type to go on a jog by choice (I’ve tried it), yet year after year, I find myself going to track meets just because I cannot find things that will help me stay in shape. Of course, there are your traditional workout machines, but how exciting can working out on a treadmill get after you do it everyday for the whole summer?

I like organized sports and there are some great activities at YMCA for that. There is Yoga starting from level 1, Basketball, the new fitness fad; Zumba and much more. There are great programs for individuals of all ages. These activities also provide you with opportunities to make new friends. It sure beats sitting inside and going on Facebook.

I will post new summer activities and sports for you to try all summer long! Click here to follow my Summer Series.